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Super Baby!!!

I saw this tutorial for superhero capes but put it out of my mind. I didn’t think I’d be sewing a superhero cape for a few years. But Isabelle surprised me the other day with her superhero antics. So I immediately went looking for it. It gives you the basic idea for the cape and how to do the appliqu├ęs.

But don’t just wing the neck area like I did. That’s how you end up with two superhero capes (which isn’t a bad thing for a big kid like me). I screwed up the first cape using my real red fabric. What happened was, I didn’t quite understand how to do the neck area. I thought, it’s just a cape. How hard can it be? Well that resulted in a cape that wouldn’t fit around Isabelle’s neck.

I didn’t want to waste more red fabric without testing it on muslin. And the second time, I was smart. I measured her neck. What an improvement. It actually fit around her neck.

I was about to make her another one when Alan said, why don’t you put an “I” on it for Isabelle. I didn’t have any felt or fusible web so I thought I’d test yellow fabric out on the screwed up cape. It worked but it’s a little puckered.

But before I could even start on a new cape, Isabelle noticed the “I” on the red fabric. She went gaga over it, yelling, “super baby! super baby!”. So instead of cutting new red fabric I cut more of the neckline away. It was a pain to turn the fabric but it worked, it fit around her neck. Yeah…blah blah blah. You want to see the pictures right? Here they are:

Mild mannered baby…
Mild mannered baby

with a secret identity! It’s SUPER BABY!!

She leaps tall buildings in a single bound.
Animated - Leap super baby!
Or ummm errr steps.

Up, up, and away!!
Up, up, and away

Hee hee! :)
I for Isabelle

Sorry. No pictures of me in my super cape. I couldn’t find it this morning. I was sort of bummed that I didn’t know where it was. It’s not as fun running around yelling “Super Mama!” without the cape. And when I did find it, Isabelle wanted to play with SUPER DOG!!!
Super Baby ANNNNND Super Dog!!!

Oh and how we photographed Isabelle flying.
How to photograph a flying baby
Oh my gawd, I’m just kidding. Do not throw your baby. It was actually done through Photoshop, of course!