Apple Store Field Trip

The other day we took a field trip to an Apple store with some homeschooling friends. I took pictures. Pictures! Woot! And then today I went crazy with little yellow happy faces everywhere. ;-)

Learning how to make an iMovie trailer

Silly girl

Happy girl

All finished

But I digress. Isabelle learned how to use iMovie. She made a little panda, butterfly, caterpillar movie. It got put on this handy dandy bracelet USB drive.

Bracelet USB drive

We got home to show Alan the little movie she made. The file was there but it didn’t work. Boo! So, Isabelle made a new one with pictures of our family. Yay!!

Video on Flickr

Alan’s 40th Birthday

Alan’s birthday was on Wednesday. He turned 40! And I did something rather unusual. I practically shot no pictures. I did, however, shoot some video. Not as much as Isabelle, who I discovered on downloading the videos had taken 30 minutes worth of video! Well here they are, snippets from our day:

Alan’s 40th Birthday from Kuky Ideas on Vimeo.

Gone Temporarily Mad

If you looked into my Flickr feed recently you might have noticed some photos of yarn. Yep. Yarn.
Burnt orange for a tiny Mr. Fox

Timber Patons Canadiana for a tiny Mr. Fox

Oatmeal Patons Canadiana for a tiny Mr. Fox

That’s because I’ve gone insane and I pile it all up and roll around on it. And I take pictures of it so I can look at it ALWAYS.

Ok. Just joking. But I have gone a little crazy.

Lately when we’ve been watching a movie or a tv show I’ve wanted to work with something in my hands. I don’t want to sit there empty handed.

It all started with this pattern for this little crocheted doll. Well, actually a little before.

Aurora for Isabelle

I was failing at a hat for Alan, failing over and over again; the size was off. I wanted to work on a pattern I could not fail on. And dolls don’t need to fit properly on people’s heads. So, a doll it was to be. And it was an easy choice. 

I got this pattern for Isabelle’s birthday last year but I never got around to making it. So, it was the perfect thing to pick up…finally. But when I was done making it I kept going and going, scouring Ravelry for new patterns then saving them to my ravelry library and downloading a book I would not normally read, The Friday Night Knitting Club, because apparently I’ve gone quite mad for all things fiber related. Crazy I tell ya!!!

Quite a long time ago there was a podcaster who was asking for crafters/makers to come on and talk about why they create. I wanted to call her and say (in a scary crazy voice), the reason I make is because the voices in my head tell me to. Then I would have laughed it off and said, no I don’t really hear voices in my head. It’s just that when I feel like making something, the compulsion is that strong. I imagine if one had voices in their head, telling them to do stuff, the pull would be similar. It just felt strange not to have something in my hands.

So, yay, voices in my head made me make a dolly! *wink, wink*


Oh and about the yarn. There is a reason for them. I took pictures to put up on my Ravelry page because I know I will lose the wrapping and wonder what the heck kind of yarn it is. That’s why I cannot tell you about the yarn I bought to make the dolly. No pictures. Lost wrappers. Ooops.

Project Notes
Pattern: Aurora by Ohana Craft
Yarn: Unknown wrapperless yarn I think might have been Red Heart Soft or/and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice
Needle Size: 5.0mm (H). The pattern recommended a hook size 4/0, 2.6mm. I didn’t quite understand what this meant. I thought a size 4 was 3.5mm. But I don’t have a 4. And I don’t have a 2.6mm listing on my chart. I do have 3 other hooks smaller than a 5.0mm but I used the 5.0mm. I can’t remember the reasoning, though I’m sure I had one. Maybe I just grabbed a hook I liked. And I really really hope I got the hook size right. I put it in Ravelry a few days after I finished it so I must have put the right hook. But it was a few days after I was done so…now I’m rambling.