What kind of camera do you use?

For photos I use a Nikon D80 and a Panasonic LX3. I love my D80 but sometimes it’s easier to have something lighter to carry around with me. We also have a Panasonic TS3 for underwater shots and HD video.

If you look at my flickr stream you can always tell what camera I’ve used for a certain picture. Just check the sidebar. It will say “This photo was taken on …. using a ….”

What kind of sewing machine do you use?

I use a Brother Pacesetter PS-1000. It’s old and has dials. No fancy electronic displays but it works just fine.

What do you use to draw your illustrations?

For my little comics I usually use Adobe Photoshop. But I’m trying to use Adobe Illustrator more, it just takes me longer. That’s what I’ve been making my banners with lately, Illustrator.

And I also use a Wacom tablet. I cannot go without that.

Lately I’ve also been sketching in my Moleskine. Just pen and paper.

Why do you homeschool?

I actually wrote a post on why we homeschool.

How do I get my personalized picture in the comments?

Use gravatar. It’s awesome. Your gravatar will work whenever someone’s page is set up to show gravatars.

How come your comments are closed?

In an effort to combat spam. Those bastard scammers are tricky. They love spamming my more popular posts so now I just close them after about 14 days.

How do you highlight your comment replies?

I use the Highlight Author Comments plugin.

How come your archives don’t go backwards like normal?

When I find a new blog and read their old posts, I like doing it in order. I’m anal that way. So, I figure other people might like to read my blog the same way. I use the Ascending date order archives plugin to do that.

How do you make your I Heart section in your sidebar?

I use the Sideblog plugin.

Note: I no longer have my I Heart section up. Maybe one day I’ll put it back up. Too busy now.

Why can’t I comment?

Every so often I go through a phase of not wanting comments. I know…so anti-social. Sorry.

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