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We’re Fine

What I wore today: October 3, 2011
I’m fine. Alan is fine. Isabelle and Nathan are fine. But…

I don’t want to talk about it. But we are fine. Just wanted to pop in and say that in case I’m gone too long. Back to distracting myself with the kids and blog reading and happy thoughts.

Tangerine Soap Winner

It’s been a stressful bloody week. But I thought I should pop on and have Isabelle pick a winner for the tangerine soap. And that winner is:
Winner is Ali
Ali, email your address to me at and we’ll send your tangerine soap to you. :)

Halloween Another Time

I’ve just now finished going through all our Halloween photos. Well Halloween related photos.

But I’ll talk about them some other time. Hopefully.

We’re off to bed early tonight.

Wish me luck. Hope this isn’t a terrible mistake involving me waking up at an insanely early hour.

An Advent Calendar…finally

This is what I was working on, on Wednesday night, before Waldo.
Advent calendar
An advent calendar. I’ve been wanting to make one for years. And this year I finally made one, though it was a little bit late when I started. Every year I have these grand ideas of sewing something up. But that hasn’t happened so far.

So this year, since I was already late, I thought I’d do something quickly with paper. They’re basically paper pouches like these from zakka life and didn’t really end up being quick seeing as there are TWENTY FOUR of them.

Little paper pouches all in a row
I made the design to fit four little pouches onto one sheet of paper.

Anyone want to make them too? Here’s a pdf of the pages.

I designed it so that if you can print borderless, it should take 3 cuts per page. Though if you’re like me, you can’t figure out borderless printing and will have to cut freaking 7 cuts. Thank goodness for paper trimmers. Just make sure all the grey boxes on the corners are showing when you print. That’s how you know the numbers will be centered properly.

Then it’s basically follow the directions on zakka life. Just cut on the grey lines. Fold on the red line. Oh and don’t crease the other fold where the number is. And that’s it.

Enjoy. Or sorry for the tortuous folding, cutting, and taping. :)