Ten on Ten : April 2013

Keeping himself busy with Minecraft

Blueberry scone


More Minecraft :D In paper though

Break from school

Playing with school stuff

More school

More playing

Saying bye to daddy as he leaves for work

Story time

I haven’t been taking many pictures recently. But for some reason I thought I’d try to do Ten on Ten this month. I feel quite out of practice and I wasn’t sure about my settings and my focus seemed to be off. But that’s ok. I muddled through. And since my camera has been absent from my hands lately, I thought I’d ease into it and just take a picture when the mood hit. So, these weren’t technically a photo an hour, but again, that’s ok. 😀 It was nice getting to know my old camera friend again.

Ten on Ten : August 2012

Ten on Ten: in the car

Ten on Ten: waiting for his sister

Ten on Ten: Lafayette crosses

Ten on Ten: on the Bay Bridge

Hello Sutro tower. You look so small in camera

Ten on Ten: swinging

Ten on Ten: at the playground

Baseball game traffic

Ten on Ten: Film on Film

By the pool

Ten on Ten: once a month, on the tenth, taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours.

I haven’t been playing along with Ten on Ten for a couple of months now. It’s been too hot and we’ve been waking up too late. The heat wasn’t too much of a problem. But couple that with our night owl hours…I find it discouraging to do Ten on Ten when most of my ten will be at night.

But I tried again this time around, using Polaroid film and a few from my iPhone. It wasn’t planned that way. I thought it would be fun to take it all on film. I was sort of successful. But I couldn’t quite manage to take that many photos. I got distracted hanging out at my sister’s. So, I used some of my instagram photos to fill in and also the last film picture was technically cheating, it was the next day. :)