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Silly Parent #41, Forgetting the Tooth Fairy

Silly Parent #41, Forgetting the Tooth Fairy
Oh noes!! I shouldn’t have waited. But there was a reason I wanted to wait for Friday or Saturday night. It was so Alan could wake up on the weekend at the same time as Isabelle. I was sure he’d like to see how happy Isabelle was to see what the tooth fairy left her. But then we forgot all weekend so we did it Sunday night. And then this morning…CRAP!

Isabelle said the tooth fairy didn’t come because she didn’t sleep all night. Which, of course, she did. I’m just glad she wasn’t upset. Parent fail!

Silly Parent #39, Panicking

I haven’t drawn anything for the silly parent series in a while. And I’ve been meaning to draw this, well pretty much the first week we brought Nathan home. Better late than never I guess.
Silly parent #39, panicking
Embiggen the comic

I knew little boys peed everywhere. I knew this, yet somehow I was not prepared for it the first time it happened.

And, no, I don’t panic anymore. But any seasoned moms out there have any tips? Alan still gets peed on quite frequently when he isn’t fast enough to cover Nathan up.fadsfdfsdaf

Cute Baby #27 AND Silly Parent #38, M&M Monster

Cute baby #27, M&M monster
A new little comic, I haven’t done one in so long. And I’ve been experimenting with putting glasses on us, since we DO wear them all the time. I tried it for our banner but Alan was laughing, saying, it looked funny. So I don’t know.

And yes I thought putting an M&M on her cupcake was a good idea. I thought Isabelle would like it. And it prettied the cupcake up a little. But now she expects one all the time! Maybe this shouldn’t be in the “cute baby” series. Maybe it should be a “silly parent”.

Go read cute baby #26, loves her soap.

Update: This does belong as a silly parent, so into the silly parent series it goes. You can see the last silly parent, #37, water everywhere but not a drop to drink here.