Sewing for Halloween

Alice in Wonderland dress
For Halloween I sewed Isabelle’s Alice in Wonderland costume. I didn’t plan very well this year. I figured Nathan was too young to want a costume or to really go trick or treating. I was right about one thing, the trick or treating part. But I was wrong about wanting the costume part.

I found that out quite quickly when I was measuring Isabelle for her costume. As I was measuring, Nathan wanted to be measured too. Every single time I tied some string around Isabelle to measure her, he wanted a piece of string tied in exactly the same way. And if Isabelle tried on the muslin, Nathan wanted to try it on too. Oops. I felt so bad. I should have started costumes early and made one for him too. But there was no time. We ended up going to Target to buy his costume.

There was no way I could have made his costume too. That is because, this year, I thought I wouldn’t go with a pattern for Isabelle’s. I wanted to try making it straight out of my head. I knew I could do the bottom, I was planning on a circle skirt, but the bodice would be the challenge.

I have a drafting book for sewing but have come to the conclusion I suck at drafting (or caved under the pressure of getting it done by Halloween). My front piece looked ok but the back piece looked crazy. So, me making a bodice went out the window. I went and dug up a bodice pattern from one of my Japanese craft books. I used the sleeves from there as well made up a collar and I then added a circle skirt. And I winged it with the apron.

I think it looks a little large but it isn’t all bad. My favorite part of the dress is the underskirt thingy, that’s what I’m calling it. I love how the trim peeks out on it. That trim costs just about as much as Nathan’s costume.

I was hoping the dress would poof out more. But it’s only a little poofy. I even made a petticoat trying to give it some more poof. But my material choice didn’t cut it. I didn’t want to use crinoline or tulle because of the scratchiness factor. I used yards and yards of muslin instead and well…no poof.

But look how happy she is.

Alice in Wonderland and knight

She said, “thank you mommy! I love you!” and gave me a big hug. :)

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, and Halloween Fun

Too hot at the pumpkin patch
This year I wanted to go to a regular pumpkin patch where we could take pictures with lots of stacked up pumpkins. But it was hot. And we left. Very quickly. So quickly that I felt bad we didn’t let Isabelle play in the maze or ride the generic little “train”.

Escaped from the pumpkin patch
So, to make up for it, we brought the kids to a generic little amusement park. Where the little train wasn’t even working.

Crappy teacup
And the crappy teacup didn’t turn. Sigh.

In the pumpkin patch

But all was not lost. A couple of days later we went to a different pumpkin patch with our homeschool group. A real pumpkin patch where they actually grow their own pumpkins. An honest to goodness farm.

Checking out the farm animals

Picking corn off the cob is FUN
Sadly the corn maze was closed. Too muddy from the rain the day prior.

Picking tomatoes
But, happily, to make up for it they let the kids pick tomatoes. Tomatoes and jalapenos. And you know how much Isabelle loves picking food off trees or bushes, in this case, just to not eat them.

Crocheted hats by my friend Tee Jay
Then more Halloween fun was to be had at my friend Veronica’s pumpkin carving party.



Carving pumpkins

Alan helped Isabelle carve this

Carved pumpkins

Alice in Wonderland and my little knight
Which all culminated in Halloween!! We met Alan’s family at the mall for some trick or treating. It was our first time trick or treating at a mall. It was crowded. And you know how I feel about malls right?

Yeah. Never again. It was ok to try one time but…nope, not for me. It wasn’t absolutely horrendous but the hoards of people did not help. Nor did the woman, who pushed me in her rush to get her child or something, help the situation. I say something because after she bowled into me and continued on her way, that way was not to a child. She was just pushy.

I went all road rage on her in my head. And it’s so funny, I’m generally a mellow driver but obviously I’m not good with people impinging on my personal space. But anyhoo…off topic. After the mall we went trick or treating at real houses. Well, Isabelle did at least. Nathan mostly stayed in Alan’s arms except for this one time.
Only time Nathan went to the door without Alan. Wish it wasn't blurry
Wish the picture wasn’t blurry. And that was all our Halloween fun. Four days of it. Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, and Halloween!

A Bucket Hat for Isabelle

I finished Isabelle’s bucket hat last night. Yay!! And I didn’t need to buy any fabric for it, everything is from my stash. Double YAY!
Bucket Hat

Did you know this pattern is for a reversible bucket hat? REVERSIBLE!!
Bucket Hat
I wasn’t sure about this contrasting thread when I sewed the first line but I figured if I hated it, Isabelle didn’t need to wear it with this side out. But I think it looks great.

It is a big hit. BIG.
A hit...with Nathan
With Nathan that is. I took this last night on my cell phone to send to Alan. As soon as I was done sewing it, he put it on, and wore it for a good long time.

In fact, this afternoon, as I was trying to take pictures of it, Nathan tried to grab it.
Bucket Hat yoink

And how does Isabelle like it?
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

Miss Posey Pose a Lot likes it ok.
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

She went all crazy with the posing with it.
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

As you can tell.
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

This one is my favorite.
Posing like an Asian
Where she’s posing like an Asian. Bwa ha ha! I asked her where she learned that from because Alan and I DEFINITELY do not do this. She said she learned it from a book. 😀

Isabelle likes it but isn’t ecstatic about it. She said, “thanks for making me a hat mama!” then tossed it aside. Nathan definitely had it on longer than she did. Guess I should make my little guy one too.

Project Notes
Pattern: Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

If you decide to make this, go check out Jessica’s directions on how to make these without handsewing. It is awesome. That’s the way I made it.

The only other change I made from the pattern is, I opted to use cotton flannel instead of interfacing. I was worried it wouldn’t be stiff enough but it came out nice.

Brighter Than the Sun

Made Beach Robe
I mentioned some weeks ago that I did some sewing. And here it is, a robe for Nathan.
Wah take it off!

It’s a pattern by Dana at Made. I originally bought it hoping it would fit Isabelle, seeing that it fit Dana’s 5 year old daughter. But I completely forgot, I have a VERY TALL 5 year old.
Off! Off!

I need to adjust the pattern a bit for Isabelle. But in the meantime, I made one for Nathan, the 18 months – 3 Toddler size. I made it from two bath towels, two orange bath towels. Yes orange. You can see quite clearly it’s orange.

When I bought the towels, the reasoning behind the color was, I thought Nathan looked nice in orange, like his daddy. I somehow neglected the fact that his swim trunks are bright orange. And his swim top is bright orange. I just made my little boy this brighter than the sun outfit.

Maybe Nathan doesn’t like being brighter than the sun. What am I talking about? Can’t you tell from the pictures? He does not love it. I think that’s why I didn’t blog about it right away, I couldn’t get a good picture of him in it. Still can’t.

When I put it on him, he’s all, “off!! OFF!!” I thought he’d be less objecting once we were out. But nope. Same reaction.
Made Beach Robe

What did you put on me?!

Take it off!

Take it off!

Wah!! Off!

Wah!! Off!

I so enjoyed making this. It was a nice sewing project, easy and not too large. I miss sewing. That’s why I joined this Oliver & S sew along. We’re sewing from the book, Little Things to Sew. I thought it would be a perfect thing to take part in since everything is small and therefore quicker to make. We’ve started out with bucket hats! And guess what color I chose for the fabric?


An Eyepatch for Isabelle

For a few months now Isabelle has been wearing bandaid eyepatches. We misplaced her pirate one and I’ve been meaning to make a new one but hadn’t gotten around to it. The box of patches we have is running low so I thought it was a perfect time to get going on the eyepatch.

I used this eyepatch tutorial for occlusion therapy by LucyKate Crafts. Isabelle chose the colors. It’s made of felt. Even the button! Well, I think the button is felt. I can’t remember what it said on the packaging. All I know is that it’s soft and not hard like regular buttons.

It’s nice not to use bandaid type patches.

Why didn’t I make one sooner?