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Isabelle’s Birth

Feed me
Little Isabelle is cradled in my arms with her eyes open and staring around. So…let me take this moment where she’s not crying, or being fed, or the three of us sleeping to tell you about how Isabelle joined us.

Last week, on Sunday the 11th, we got home from a party around 5:00am in the morning. After about 2 hours of sleep I woke to contractions at 8:37am. I didn’t think they were contractions at first. I kept saying: maybe I ate something that didn’t agree with me. Alan kept saying: you’re having contractions honey. I guess I just couldn’t believe it. Irrationally I was thinking this can’t happen now, I need more sleep, this needs to wait until later. Well that wasn’t going to happen.

Right from the start my contractions were pretty close together. And at our hospital when they are 5 minutes apart they want you to come down. Well they were pretty much 5 minutes apart from the get go but they weren’t very strong. So when they got closer to 2 minutes apart and stronger we drove to the hospital. It had been a hard day…only 2 hours sleep and contractions during all those hours so no sleep at all.

At the the hospital they checked me and I was only 2 cm dilated. That was maybe around 5pm in the evening so they sent me walking around. After 2 hours they checked me again and I was still only 2 cm dilated! The contractions were painful and I was beyond tired. So they gave me a shot of morphine and sent me home to try to get some sleep.

At home the contractions spaced further apart…maybe 7 to 11 minutes apart. The morphine made me sleep but I felt every contraction and it wasn’t a restful sleep. When the morphine wore off and I was mostly awake and couldn’t stand the pain anymore we went down to the hospital again to check how much further I had progressed.

We arrived at the hospital for this second time around on Monday, the 12th, around 5am in the morning. They checked me and I was 4 cm dilated, enough to be admitted. I was so happy! There was another woman in there before us but we were put into a room first because I was dehydrated and they needed to give me an IV with fluids.

I got to the room, I got my IV, and I got my epidural. Can we say YAY! I was having contractions and I did not even know it. So the hours went by and I told Alan to go get some food because he had not eaten lunch yet. When he got back the contractions had gotten worse. It was about 1:45 pm and the epidural did not seem like it was working even though it was. They decided to check my progress and suprisingly I was at 9 cm. It was the pressure of Isabelle coming down that I was feeling. At 2:15 pm I began to push.

After about 2 hours of pushing our litttle bundle of joy was born. At this point I was beyond exhausted and was pretty out of it. It was only later that Alan told me what happened. I’m going to feed Isabelle now, so here’s Alan:

The midwife and NP seemed very surprised at the progress that Kuky had made and seemed even more surprised that she was going to deliver without help (suction/forceps/etc…we had found out earlier in the day that she has a tilted tailbone). She continued to push and I could see the top of Isabelle’s hairy head. It was the most amazing sight. The lulls between pushes became shorter and shorter. The top of her head (up to her ears) was out. The midwife began to pull her out with the next contrations. Her little head popped out and the midwife quickly suctioned out her mouth and nose. She did not make a sound. At the next contraction the midwife turned her shoulders and out she came. The midwife apologized about not letting me cut the cord and quickly handed her over to the other nurses, Isabelle wasn’t breathing. I watched as the nurses brought her over to another table with her little arms and legs dangling limply. They proceeded to give her oxygen and stimulate her. After what seemed like forever she finally began to cry.

Ok, Kuky back now. So that was how Isabelle joined us on September 12th at 4:28pm. She is fine, with all the right amount of fingers and toes (one of the first things we asked about since in my family we come with extras, my sister and grandfather did) She weighed 7 pounds 11.8 ounces at 20.5″ length with a head at 12.5″. Wow I pushed her out of me?!

The nurses and midwives with me during my labor at the Kaiser hospital in Walnut Creek were WONDERFUL. I mean WONDERFUL! Klara, Shanon, and Debbie were their names. I feel so lucky to have had them. The midwife massaged the perineum so I didn’t tear or rip. Yay again. I just have a slight abrasion like a skinned knee.

We were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday and even with the exhaustion from lack of sleep and the pain I hope to soon heal from we are happy beyond words and so in love with Isabelle. I haven’t been on my computer much at all so haven’t checked my email (I’m using Alan’s computer) and don’t know when I will be on again but hopefully I’ll be back soon with more news of how we are doing. Thank you everyone for all the kind comments and congratulations. :)

Baby Watch

Today is the baby’s due date! And she isn’t here yet. We haven’t been going out much at all, no movies or dinner out for us. I can’t imagine having to leave halfway through if I go into labor. As Alan says, “we’re on baby watch”.

We’re Not Ready

See the oh so pretty crib. It’s broken. And oh the changing table from the same company…it’s broken too. It’s such a pretty crib too. The front rail is cracked through. I called the company and they said the part is backordered for 6-8 weeks. Ummm…that’s not going to work. The baby will be here by then! But they did have the part for the broken changing table. It’s so disappointing. So we returned it and went to Toys R’ Us and picked up a different crib. It’s not my first choice but Alan likes it.

And this is the state of the room now. There is stuff everywhere. Oh and no I don’t have the walls painted yet. That’s what I have in mind. They are the little animals from her comforter. Aaawww how did the time fly by so fast? She’s going to be here so soon!