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Grow on Me Please

I just spent a whole bunch of time working on getting this sketch recreated in Illustrator.
Banner sketch
And I don’t like it.

I hate it when that happens, when I spent a lot of time on something and am not happy with the result. Well, I’m too tired to fix it now. Maybe my new banner will grow on me.

New Colors for December

Banner for December
You may have noticed a change in colors on the main page. (Or not if you read my feed only.) I love drawing new banners. I can make us wear anything, even stuff we don’t own or would never wear. :)

Ok back to no computer time. I haven’t been reading my blogs or checking email. I mostly stayed away from the computer all weekend except for the new design. And technically it’s after midnight so I did manage to stay away mostly all weekend. My hands are still bothering me. So back I go into hiding.