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I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before…at least I think I have….

On the right side of this page, I have my most recent Instagrams up. Though I took a big blogging break recently, I was still instagramming for the most part. I don’t usually share them in blog posts. However, I didn’t draw yesterday and I’ve been trying to stay away from drawing on the weekend, so I thought I’d share it. It is hilarious. :D

I was just filming the kids, doing a test shot since Instagram ate my last two videos. :( They just went poof. I couldn’t get them from my camera roll or upload them. But never mind that, go laugh with me, watching the kids antics.

Video on Flickr


I don’t know what I’ve been doing with myself lately. Here are some pictures I’ve taken since I last posted.

From the gardenUntitled

The cows have been replaced with construction equipment. I miss the cows.Creme brulée from Jack's Restaurant and Bar

Pumpkin bread pudding from Jack's Restaurant and BarCelebrating my 39th birthday

Alan was on vacation last week for my birthday. Maybe that’s why I’ve been missing around here. I honestly cannot tell you what I’ve been up to. I have no clue. I haven’t been taking many pictures so I can’t really remember. I know we didn’t go anywhere far on my birthday because Isabelle had an art class with our meetup group. Then Alan got me dinner from my favorite restaurant.

Oh and on the weekend, I went out with my friends, Bridgette and Olinda. We watched Looper, which I really enjoyed, and had dinner. Yeah. That’s what we’ve been up to. But I’ve been slacking in the photo taking department. Even on Instagram I have been meh. In fact, the three final pictures from above I didn’t even get around to posting on Instagram. Just a whole bunch of meh going on here.

Hawaii for Twenty Years, Final Post, Finally

Ok finally getting to our last few days in Hawaii. Yay! On the fifth day we headed off towards North Beach. We were all sunburned from our first beach day. And we must have all been a little tired from the get go because when we drove by the Dole Plantation no one really objected to not seeing pineapples.

But we did pull over and run across a busy street to see sea turtles! Isabelle had learned about them in our schooling, right before our trip, and it was a perfect chance to see them in real life. She said it was cool but she didn’t seem very excited. It was hot and Isabelle, my little fish, wanted to go swimming.

So, we took off and got some shave ice from Masumoto’s and that’s it. We didn’t check out North Beach at all. Instead we went back to the resort for swimming and movie night out on the lawn.

Sea turtle

Sea turtle

At Masumoto's


Had to pull over for some when we saw thisUntitled

UntitledMovie night outside

On our last full day there we were undecided what we wanted to do. We thought we’d relax and check out the activities at the resort.

We started with going to Aunty’s Beach House for family play time. But instead of leaving when it was over, Isabelle wanted to stay for an activity, making space goo. Alone. Without us. Gulp. So, we signed her in and walked out the doors without her.

It felt so weird not having Isabelle with us. I missed her so much. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We didn’t want to leave the resort and do anything because we didn’t want Isabelle to miss out. So, we ended up going to the little game center area and making a video. It was supposed to be a family video but ours wasn’t because part of our family was missing.

Aloha from Nathan on Flickr

We just sat around like goobers for an hour and a half until it was time to go get Isabelle. I was so happy when it was time to pick her up. Since we were complete again, we went back to the game center and made our family video.

Aloha from us on Flickr

When we were done with that silliness we checked out the Menehune adventure trail activity. How it works is, you check out an iPhone and watch videos from Aunty and hunt for things for her. Isabelle LOVED it. There were several different adventures. We should have checked it out earlier in our trip because Isabelle would have loved doing more of them. We only did that one because it was getting hot which meant…swimming, of course.

After swimming we ended our night by the fire pit with Aunty telling stories. And sadly that was our last full day in Hawaii.

On the Menehune adventure On the Menehune adventure



View from the top of the waterslide area


The next morning we woke up, packed, walked around one last time taking pictures, and then flew back home.
Goodbye Aulani Goodbye Aulani

Goodbye Aulani

Flight home
I miss Hawaii.

Hawaii for Twenty Years, Part Two

Our room
I know it’s been ages since I wrote about Hawaii. But this post has been sitting half written and I didn’t want to just chuck it. So…back to Hawaii.

Before our trip, I had all these plans of places that we wanted to go. I wanted to go to the places that Wendy had mentioned like Pali Lookout, Diamond Hike, and Hanauma Bay. And I also had things down like snorkeling for Isabelle and finding sea turtles.

But in the end we mostly relaxed at the beach, which made it a lot easier since being close to the resort made nap time a breeze. Speaking of the resort, I didn’t tell you where we we stayed. We were at Aulani, a Disney hotel. It was beautiful and very kid friendly. There was so much to do there.

They had a kids club, called Aunty’s Beach House, adventures, classes, and tons of free activities, like movies out on the lawn and storytelling by the fire pit. We didn’t do it all, not even close.

But that is probably because Isabelle wanted to swim and swim and swim. That’s what we did the day after the Polynesian Cultural Center. We hung out at the resort on the beach. We spent all day there except for a nap in our room and then back down to the beach for the sunset.
Our room

Our room






Ko Olina beachUntitled


UntitledAulani at night


Ko Olina beach at night

On our fourth day there (oh my how did four days fly by so fast in Hawaii? It felt like we were barely there), Isabelle woke up earlier than Nathan so me and her checked out Aunty’s beach house. How it works is, family time is only in the morning and everyone is welcome. But then after family time is, check in time and you leave the kids there to play. They had games, crafts, a playground, and just so much for kids to do.

We had fun there for a bit then when Nathan woke up, him and Alan joined us. We hit the road and got malasadas from Leonard’s. You may remember these instagram pictures. They are from Aunty’s beach house and Leonard’s.

UntitledMalasadas from Leonard's

So, where did we go? The beach, of course. I got to cross something off my list, Hanauma Bay. We met Wendy and her adorable daughter, Summer, there. And we got to cross something off Isabelle’s list, snorkeling. While I had a great time chatting with Wendy, Isabelle and Alan hit the water and got to see fish!! I wish I had prescription snorkeling goggle things so I could see fish. Where does one even get something like that?
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, Hawaii's state fish, sculpture

Isabelle snorkeling

Some of the fish Isabelle saw


Us with Wendy and Summer
How cute is Summer wearing my sunhat?!

Hanauma Bay
We had a great day with them. I only wish they lived closer. Well, technically they did move closer since our trip to Hawaii but they aren’t anywhere close enough to hang out with. But anyhoo, how adorable is that picture of Summer and Nathan trying to hold hands on our long walk up from Hanauma Bay?

And sorry to say this but I am ending this post again. I think all the pictures make this post super long. I’ll talk about our last few days there in another post.

Insta-Catch Up

I disappeared for 2 weeks. But if you saw my Instapress plugin in the sidebar, you would have seen what I’ve been up to lately. Like: July the 4th. We celebrated by bringing the kids to see fireworks. Nathan loved them. Isabelle said they were too loud.
Fireworks here we come Made it to the fireworks just in time

Then I went to Girls Camp to celebrate Brenda’s 40th birthday. I don’t think I can write anything to truly describe what an awesome experience that was. All I can say now about it is, it was very much like camp. I say that in the sense where you feel homesick but you also enjoy it so much and come away with these great memories that you will look back on fondly.
Ice cream truck at the farmer's market Happy birthday Brenda!
Little visitor to girls camp Girls camp breakfast
Untitled Crafty
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Dinner
Cake by candlelight Had a great couple of days with a group of wonderful woman laughing, talking, and eating but I am beyond happy to be home
The last picture there is with me and the kids after I came home. I wrote: Had a great couple of days with a group of wonderful woman (damn instagram can’t correct typos that’s supposed to be women) laughing, talking, and eating but I am beyond happy to be home. And I did have so much fun but it was sooooo hard for me. It was more than homesick. That was my first real time away from the kids.

Yes, Isabelle is almost 7 and that was my first time away. I know that sounds unusual. But the kids have never had a babysitter. They’ve never had grandparents watch them or any other relatives or our friends. It’s almost always been the two of us. (If you don’t count the time my friend, Olinda, watched Isabelle while we rode the Indiana Jones ride. And the longest hour and a half I have yet to talk about where Isabelle was watched by someone else in Hawaii.)

We had been trying to figure out what to do for Girls Camp for months and months. I knew Isabelle would be ok. It was Nathan I was worried about. He’s used to falling asleep next to me. So, we kicked around the idea of getting a motel close by. But we didn’t.

Then Alan tried putting Nathan down the night before Girls Camp. Nathan cried and cried. Then Alan told me to hide and told Nathan I wasn’t home. To which Nathan ran around the house crying and looking for me. After what felt like forever, he quieted down so I snuck into the bedroom. But he was still awake and when he saw me he was so happy, saying, “it’s mama! It’s mama! She’s HOME!!”, with the biggest smile on his little tear stained face.

So, you can imagine how hard it was for me to leave for Girls Camp. I almost called Brenda to say I changed my mind. But I didn’t. And you know, Nathan did fine. Alan set up a tent in the living room and they had their own little camp out. He went to sleep just fine and slept through the entire night. And then the next day Alan pampered the kids bringing them to a big bouncy house place.

It was a really good idea for me to go. I got to celebrate a sweet friend’s birthday. I made new friends. And, now, I know next time I have a chance to go away, the kids will be fine and I’ll have an awesome time.

After Girls Camp, Alan got a vacation week off. So we visited with my sister one day. The cousins all played together.
Untitled Cousins
Cousins Me and daddy
Sisters Goodbye San Francisco

And we also spent a day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Surrounded by trees Untitled
Untitled City building
We've seen a few of these on the beach. Are they salps? Knocked out

You know, basically hung out. And there, you’re all caught up with the past two weeks. Now if only I could catch up with everything else that easily. :)