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No Tap Bowling Tournament

I’m dusting off my camera, figuratively. These are a few pictures from yesterday, a no tap bowling tournament. Isabelle teamed up with her favorite friend from her bowling league.

The girls bowled and I took a few pictures when I could, when my little tyrant, Nathan, would let me stand up. :D Yes, every time I tried to get up he insisted I sit back down with him. I’m happy I got some pictures.

Isabelle bowling

Hanging out with daddy

No tap tournament sign

Little guy


Isabelle got a turkey!


I do this. I keep trying to get back but it’s hard. Today I took some pictures and I thought I’d share them. It was actually me procrastinating. About what? My niece Zinnia turned 5 last week. We drove into San Francisco and spent the day with her at Pier 39. I took pictures and I actually edited them, oh my goodness, yes I did. But there was some video I took on my phone that I did not get to that evening so I set it aside for the next day. But the next day came and went and the video went untouched.

Then, as I said earlier, I took these pictures today. I edited them and uploaded them and started to blog about them when I just gave myself a mental kick in the butt and thought: oh just edit the darn videos instead of saving it for another day. So, that’s just what I did. So…here are the pictures from today.

A start to apple pie

"What are you doing Nathan"

Apple pie

And some pictures from Zinnia’s birthday.

San Francisco Carousel Pier 39


Silly Isabelle

Giant claw game!!

In the mirror maze

The video that I put everything on hold for, of the piano stairs and a fun mirror maze:

Video on Flickr

And for good measure…since I am such an awesome procrastinator…can procrastinating be awesome? I declare YES it can be. Anyhooo….some pictures from my nephew Ebow’s birthday:


Doggy in a bag


Happy birthday Ebow!

Silly kids

….whose birthday was in June. See! Can you procrastinate to such a level? The awesomeness of it!


I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before…at least I think I have….

On the right side of this page, I have my most recent Instagrams up. Though I took a big blogging break recently, I was still instagramming for the most part. I don’t usually share them in blog posts. However, I didn’t draw yesterday and I’ve been trying to stay away from drawing on the weekend, so I thought I’d share it. It is hilarious. :D

I was just filming the kids, doing a test shot since Instagram ate my last two videos. :( They just went poof. I couldn’t get them from my camera roll or upload them. But never mind that, go laugh with me, watching the kids antics.

Video on Flickr