“Hey Nathan! Come splash with me” says Isabelle.

Nathan replies, “O.K.!!”

Splash! Splash! SPLASH!
Let's splash Nathan

Nathan : “Waaah! Mama! My pants are wet!!! Waaah I’m cold!!! Waaaah I want to go home!!!”
Mama! My pants are wet!!

Me: “Ok let me take your pants off and I’ll go around the park one more time then we can go home”.
I don't want to splash with wet pants

After walking back to the kids. Nathan says “Mama, I don’t want to go home yet.”

Puddle Splashing on Flickr
:) :) :)

Staycation Part 1

Last week Alan had vacation. We didn’t go away. We had a staycation. Here are some of the pictures. I’ll share the rest in another post maybe…hopefully…because there’s video I haven’t gotten to yet. I got to all the pictures and uploaded them to Flickr but then lost steam when it came to the video. So hopefully another post….if I don’t lose my steam again. 😀

Anyhoo, so, what did we do? We stayed close to home. We did things within driving distance like going into San Francisco to hang out with my sister at Pine Lake.


Roasting marshmallows

We lit a fire and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and made s’mores. I do believe it was Isabelle’s first s’more EVER. Is that possible? She said she’s never had a s’more before, entirely possible, or maybe she doesn’t remember. So, we’ll count this as her first s’more ever!

First smore

Nathan didn’t want to try any s’mores. Or roasted marshmallows. He thought they were strange I guess.



Sitting by the fire



Then the next day, we drove into the city of Benicia. We had breakfast, painted pottery, watched glass blowing, basically had a fun relaxing day.

First Street Cafe


"A little paint goes a long way"

Nathan painting

Painted by Isabelle

Watching glass blowing

Not so messy little ice cream eater

Old train depot


More tomorrow….maybe?

Shooting at San Francisco Archers

Driving over the Bay Bridge

Pacifica fog

Waiting to shoot


Helen taking a picture of me taking a picture of Helen

My Superman

Olinda shoots

Taking a break on the shooting trail


Olinda and Kuky

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on here but Isabelle stopped taking swimming and started archery. When we first signed Isabelle up for swimming classes we wanted her to learn how to swim. But she learned that ages ago. We kept bringing her because she enjoyed it.

Well, a few months ago I didn’t want any more sticky knitting needles. Yes I know, this conversation seems like it’s gone off track. But it hasn’t. 😀 Stick with me. Why were they sticky, you ask? Well, Nathan kept asking me to tape yarn onto my knitting needles making them into bows. He wasn’t shooting anything with them. He just wanted to play with a bow. I tried getting him a cheap add on from Amazon toy bow. But the string kept popping off. I don’t know why I should have been surprised for the $4 I paid. I was tired of constantly fixing it or trying to find the string that would always get lost.

And I didn’t want to put tape on any more of my needles so I thought I’d get him a real kid’s bow that wouldn’t break. When it arrived, Nathan wasn’t much interested in it. It was too large to play make believe with. But Alan asked Isabelle if she would like to try shooting it in the backyard. She enjoyed it so much, we looked into classes. Now every Saturday she has JOAD, Junior Olympic Archery Development.

Soon after Isabelle started with JOAD, we found out that my friend, Olinda, had started archery around the same time. What a crazy coincidence. She knows a lot more about it than we do. She goes shooting practically every day and has her own bow. She even made her own quiver! So, we’ve been asking her questions.

Well, yesterday Olinda invited us out to join her at San Francisco Archers for their outreach program. I called my sister, Helen, to bring her kids along. And we all headed out to Pacifica to go shooting. It’s very cool. For $5 a person there was an introductory class and then you get to shoot.

I think the best part was when they stuck balloons onto the targets. There is something so fun about trying to shoot a balloon. Note the word, TRY. I didn’t hit any balloons. Boo! :( But Isabelle, Alan, and my nephew, Ebow, did. I did get a couple of bulls-eyes….when there were no balloons. I put it down to too many people shooting at the same target. Maybe if I were a little faster I would have been the one to pop a balloon. 😉

Oh well, there will always be a next time.