You may have already noticed if you follow me on Instagram. But we got a dog. Last November, we attended a birthday party at an animal rescue. Then, soon after that, I was ready for a dog again, just like that. Like NOW NOW NOW!! I WANT A DOG NOW!!!!! That’s what Isabelle has been asking me to draw about: our new dog. So, I’m slowly working towards that story…in comics.


“Hey Nathan! Come splash with me” says Isabelle.

Nathan replies, “O.K.!!”

Splash! Splash! SPLASH!
Let's splash Nathan

Nathan : “Waaah! Mama! My pants are wet!!! Waaah I’m cold!!! Waaaah I want to go home!!!”
Mama! My pants are wet!!

Me: “Ok let me take your pants off and I’ll go around the park one more time then we can go home”.
I don't want to splash with wet pants

After walking back to the kids. Nathan says “Mama, I don’t want to go home yet.”

Puddle Splashing on Flickr
:) :) :)

Staycation Part 1

Last week Alan had vacation. We didn’t go away. We had a staycation. Here are some of the pictures. I’ll share the rest in another post maybe…hopefully…because there’s video I haven’t gotten to yet. I got to all the pictures and uploaded them to Flickr but then lost steam when it came to the video. So hopefully another post….if I don’t lose my steam again. 😀

Anyhoo, so, what did we do? We stayed close to home. We did things within driving distance like going into San Francisco to hang out with my sister at Pine Lake.


Roasting marshmallows

We lit a fire and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and made s’mores. I do believe it was Isabelle’s first s’more EVER. Is that possible? She said she’s never had a s’more before, entirely possible, or maybe she doesn’t remember. So, we’ll count this as her first s’more ever!

First smore

Nathan didn’t want to try any s’mores. Or roasted marshmallows. He thought they were strange I guess.



Sitting by the fire



Then the next day, we drove into the city of Benicia. We had breakfast, painted pottery, watched glass blowing, basically had a fun relaxing day.

First Street Cafe


"A little paint goes a long way"

Nathan painting

Painted by Isabelle

Watching glass blowing

Not so messy little ice cream eater

Old train depot


More tomorrow….maybe?