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Isabelle at six years nine months and Nathan at two years almost nine months family picture



Isabelle at six years nine months and Nathan at two years nine months family picture
Here are our family pictures this month. In the above one, I wish you could see Isabelle’s eyes. But she had been to the ophthalmologist and had her eyes dilated.

So, what is the news on the eyes front? We’ve been patching everyday for 6 hours. We’ve been doing that for about a year. Her left eye has basically remained the same, fluctuating somewhere in the range of 20/200.

Now the ophthalmologist has upped the patching to ALL DAY except for an hour. This will be the last and longest session of patching. If this doesn’t work…that’s it for the patching. I don’t know what happens then. :(

It’s sad, when I put the patch on, in the morning, Isabelle gets all teary. She asks how long she has to wear it. She doesn’t like the idea of wearing it all day. Soon after she will forget about it. But still, starting the morning making her sad is a drag.

And hmmmm….two downer posts. I’m just a barrel full of fun lately…


No chicks today. I’m sharing pictures from Friday instead.
Waiting to see the ophthalmologist
Isabelle had an appointment with the ophthalmologist.

We were sitting around in the waiting area. Nathan kicked off his shoes.
Kicked off his shoes
Lately he’s been objecting to them, “off! OFF!”

Anyhoo back to what I was saying, Isabelle’s appointment.
Five year olds cannot sit stillFive year olds cannot sit still
The doctor checked her vision and it’s 20/250 in her bad eye, the left one. It hasn’t improved since the last time. I think it’s worse actually. He said her astigmatism has increased.

It might have something to do with her eye growing, I don’t know. Or maybe it has to do with Isabelle cheating with her patch sometimes. When she can’t see, sometimes I catch her turning her head and peaking out the side. Sigh.

So, now she needs to wear her patch for 6 hours a day. SIX!! Waaaaah!! :( Is it because she was cheating and peeking? Waah! Waah! Waah! Today I tried to put a bandaid patch on her so she couldn’t cheat and she started to cry.

Ok how about I talk about something happy instead. While we were waiting for Isabelle’s eyes to dilate, we went to a kid area to hang out. They had little tiny benches and tables. Nathan got a kick out of them.
Oooh a little bench and chair just Nathan's sizeClimbing onto the small table because he can

A real big kick! He can’t climb onto the tables at home.
Standing up there too!

And look at this grass there.
Fake grass! FAKE!
It’s totally FAKE! I couldn’t tell until I went over and felt it. I want fake grass. No more watering. Or mowing! But fake grass and chickens don’t go together right? Well real grass and chickens don’t go together either. Alan said they’ll eat it all up. Good thing we don’t have any grass in our backyard because we suck at gardening and killed the lawn back there years ago.

Do chickens and weeds go together? :D

Us reflected

An Eyepatch for Isabelle

For a few months now Isabelle has been wearing bandaid eyepatches. We misplaced her pirate one and I’ve been meaning to make a new one but hadn’t gotten around to it. The box of patches we have is running low so I thought it was a perfect time to get going on the eyepatch.

I used this eyepatch tutorial for occlusion therapy by LucyKate Crafts. Isabelle chose the colors. It’s made of felt. Even the button! Well, I think the button is felt. I can’t remember what it said on the packaging. All I know is that it’s soft and not hard like regular buttons.

It’s nice not to use bandaid type patches.

Why didn’t I make one sooner?

Appointments and Monthly Family Photos

Bogged down here. I mentioned we’ve been busy this week. On Monday Isabelle had a dentist appointment.
At the dentist
A cavity is starting. :( And Nathan’s teeth aren’t looking that great so we scheduled an appointment for him next week. The dentist said I need to stop breastfeeding him at night. But I don’t know any other way.

We also had an ophthalmologist appointment for both of the kids. Nathan’s eyes look good. And Isabelle’s eyes are slowly slowly improving. I think the doctor said her left eye is now 20/200?
Visit with the ophthalmologist

And that was just two days this week. I’m not even going to talk about the two homeschool meetups we went to. How about I just share our monthly family photos. That’s easy.

Isabelle is now five years five months.
Isabelle at five years five months and Nathan at one year almost five months family picture

And Nathan is one year five months.
Isabelle at five years five months and Nathan at one year five months family picture

I can’t believe we’ve been taking monthly family photos for over five years now.

Ranty Rant Rant

Glasses for everyone!
Glasses for everyone! Ok, not really. Just glasses for Alan. Nathan is in the minority now. And they’re not glasses like my glasses. You know, blind as a bat glasses that I wear all the time. They’re reading glasses. Wow, that was a shocker for me. Alan usually has no problems with his eyes. I joked that we must be getting old. :-D After he got them he played around quite a bit taking the glasses off and putting them to his lips, that pensive, I’m thinking look. Bwa ha ha!

And on a less funny front…news on Isabelle’s eyes. We’ve been patching now since the end of August. Isabelle’s eyes actually seem worse. Two years ago, when the optometrist checked Isabelle, she said she was seeing 20/40. At her last appointment it was like she couldn’t see anything. At home, she has to put things inches in front of her eye to see. It’s a lot disheartening.

I am a little irritated with the opthamologist’s department. First, I never really cared for the opthamologist. He made us feel bad the first time we saw him, like we did everything wrong. For years. Like we should have been patching or doing something way earlier. Like we are big failures. Poop on him.

Second, his nurse, though usually nice, seems not on top of things. For Isabelle’s last appointment in August, she called and left a message saying she would call us again to reschedule but she never called back. Then when I’d call I’d get a full message box. Then for our appointment this week I called and left a message to have someone call me to cancel and reschedule the kids’ appointments. I never got a call back. I ended up canceling it online. I received an email today and only Nathan was rescheduled.

Third, the hospital is not convenient for us. It’s a half hour away over a toll bridge. There is one closer to us, half that distance. I guess that last complaint isn’t a biggie but when you add it on top of the first two…SIGH.

I must call tomorrow and see if we can go to the closer hospital. I can’t remember now why we were sent to the further one? Maybe the opthamologist is a pediatric opthamologist? Big old poopy one. BIG SIGH again.

Sorry such a downer post. Tomorrow (or the day after depending on Nathan’s temperament and his willingness to let me sit at the computer) will be a happier post. A fire station tour post!! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo!