Dude You Broke It

Acck! I broke it! I broke it!!! I broke my blog!!!!!

And yes, instead of trying to figure out how to fix it, I sat down and drew about how I broke it…

***Edit*** I figured out what happened. My host provider sent me an email saying I needed to update from 5.2 php to 5.4. That meant absolutely nothing to me, a bunch of gobbledygook. I just went ahead and did what they told me to and POOF! My blog was gone. But as soon as I switched back to 5.2, my blog was magically back. I tried using a default theme that came with WordPress hoping that would fix it. But nope. No blog. :(

Well, today I did some Googling and found out that the plugin, instapress I think it was…I don’t know I have since deleted it, was causing a conflict. I removed it, updated to 5.4, and my blog stayed. YAY! You may have noticed it still looks different though. I sort of got used to the clean look of the theme so I’m keeping it. :)

And why, yes, that is a different header. As I’m sitting here freezing my tooshie off all bundled up in pants and socks and a sweater coat, I thought it was high time I got rid of that summer swimming header.