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That Cat is a Bad Influence

Thank you for the suggestions on counting down days for Isabelle’s piggy. I loved the idea. I was going to make a bunch of tear off piggies but she hasn’t asked for her piggy in days. And this is why:
Amigurumi cat

Bad kitty. Lazing about. Doing nothing.

And then teaching Isabelle to do flips on the bed.

That cat is a bad influence
Yes. FLIPS. ON. THE. BED. Isabelle was flipping her new kitty about telling me how he likes to flip and jump. Then she proceeded to show me by tossing him in the air and doing flips on the bed at the same time. In her glasses! Tempting fate to have them break again. Ok, she wasn’t doing back flips like in the drawing. Forward flips, but still.

Bad, bad kitty!

Hee, heee. Seriously though, how cute is the amigurumi kitty?! I have the Japanese Craft book ISBN-10: 4391130122, ISBN-13: 9784391130126. But I didn’t think I would ever make him because I couldn’t figure out how to crochet. And, plus, trying to figure out how to follow the Japanese directions?! Get outta here.

Well luckily for me, the author made an English translation so I didn’t have to try to figure out the Japanese directions. One day, though, I’d like to figure it out.

You know, at one point, I didn’t know if he was going to get finished. Remember how Isabelle was running off with alien parts? Well, she did that with the kitty too. So, I couldn’t find one of his arms for quite a while. Also, Isabelle ran off with him when I connected his head to his body. She started playing with him and didn’t want to give him up.

But everything worked out fine in the end. I found his arm and Isabelle gave him up for little bits of time so I could add his limbs little by little. He’s not perfect but he is done! Yay! Yay! Yay!
I love my kitty, mommy

Delusional and Silly

Ok, so I know we’re going to try sleeping all together. We have a king size bed and I plan to have the baby on one side of me and Isabelle on the other. I’m not too worried she’ll roll onto him or kick him because she never rolls so violently that she rolls right over me onto the other side.

And maybe one of those side car thingies will work. I can just tuck the baby in there so we have more room. Or we’ll get Isabelle a proper bed and put it in our bedroom and see how she likes it. Who knows, she might surprise us and want to sleep in her own little bed.

Now a different question, is it totally silly that I want to make a mobile for the crib knowing that the baby is NEVER ever going to sleep in it?

This is Japanese craft book ISBN-10 4262152707 or ISBN-13 9784262152707. I got it when I found out I was pregnant.
ISBN 4262152707

I really like this one:
Mobile 5

And this one:
Mobile 8

Well actually I quite like all of them. Well, who says I need to hang it just above the crib, right? I can hang it any old place that makes me happy.

And onto real delusional stuff. I keep thinking about doing a daily comic again.
More delusions

I was going to draw Isabelle hanging off my arm but…well she distracted me. So yep. Totally delusional to do a daily comic again. Well a girl can dream.


The other night Isabelle was playing with her Maggie doll. She was dragging her all over the house pretending it was her little sister. Well Maggie’s hair is sort of loopy so it catches on things. It pulls loose from her head into a big loop and dangles.

So I had to fix it. But it’s been so long since I’ve sewn anything that I had the hardest time finding my needles! How pathetic is that? My sewing table is a mess with left over bits from my last project sitting there. Piled on top of that is newer fabric I’ve pulled out meaning to make Isabelle some skirts. But I haven’t been up to it.

I was digging through that horrendous mess (that’s been sitting there since January and is just getting bigger) and came across the blue fabric from my last project. And then I realized I never shared the pictures (actually, there are a couple of projects I never got around to writing about). So here are some oh so not fresh photos from MANY months ago:
Dress t

Isabelle loves it. In fact, seeing these pictures she’s demanding that I find it right now so she can wear it.
Isabelle loved her dress

I really like the contrasting detail on the dress.

I was planning on making a miniature version for the Isabelle doll. That never happened. Poor naked Isabelle doll.

Maybe when I’m up to it I’ll make Isabelle doll a little blue dress with red pants and pink boots to match Isabelle’s outfit here:
I thinks she chose this outfit herself. Or Alan did
How cute would that be? And I think Isabelle chose this outfit herself. Or Alan did. :)

Oh when, oh when will I sew again?

Project Notes
Pattern: t from ISBN-10: 4529044378, ISBN-13: 9784529044370
Fabric: cotton
Size: I can’t remember, it was freaking 4 months ago!

Made By Us

Here’s our whale, made by us.

I was so eager to make him, while Isabelle was still interested, that I didn’t even bother with seam allowances. That would probably explain why he didn’t match up properly, his bottom was a little too big and he ended up bunchy.
A little bunching

And that also explains why his flippers seem tiny and pointy.
Tiny flippers

But ain’t he cute? And big too. Bigger than I expected. From the picture in the book I thought for some reason he would sit in the palm of my hand. But I was wrong.

I asked Isabelle to hold him so I could get a picture of his size.
Hold the whale for mama

She thought throwing him up and down was a better idea. :)
Er...yeah...good holding

Project Notes
Pattern: 23 from isbn-10: 452904114x (isbn-13: 978-4529041140)
Fabric: linen