You may have already noticed if you follow me on Instagram. But we got a dog. Last November, we attended a birthday party at an animal rescue. Then, soon after that, I was ready for a dog again, just like that. Like NOW NOW NOW!! I WANT A DOG NOW!!!!! That’s what Isabelle has been asking me to draw about: our new dog. So, I’m slowly working towards that story…in comics.

I Miss Making

Drawing for Isabelle
I’m not making any promises that I’m coming back to this space. And I’m not saying, I’m going to try. That’s just setting me up for failure. But I do miss having a creative outlet. Mostly it’s only been Instagram. But I don’t think it’s enough.

Maybe that’s why, when my homeschool group got together for a geography club, I happily went overboard creating a few things. I made passports for all the kids. Yes made. Designed it all, printed them all out, then hand bound each and every one of them with embroidery thread, all twenty!
Passports and plane tickets for all the kids

Nathan's passport

Then I made stickers to “stamp” each passport.
Passport stamp

And then, if that weren’t enough, I HAD to make plane tickets. Yes HAD. As in I was compelled to and just couldn’t stop making. I even ran the tickets thru my sewing machine to give them perforations.
Nathan's passport and plane ticket

Yep. Definitely miss making.