My Little Pirate of Kindergarten

Last month, at a park, Isabelle came up to me with the saddest little look on her face, with tears threatening to fall. She was patching her eye and she said, “why am I different? Everyone asks why my eye is like this.” I felt so bad for her.

And we do get this question A LOT when she is patching. The patch looks like a bandaid and if we’re out, people will stare or ask if she had surgery or if she was hurt. I always explain, oh no, she’s just patching.

A few weeks ago, the library sent me an email about some books of interest. One of them, the Pirate of Kindergarten, was about a little girl, named Ginny, who was different. She didn’t see the same as everyone else.
The Pirate of Kindergarten

The subject intrigued me so I went out and immediately borrowed it from the library. Me and Isabelle read it together right away in the car. We didn’t even wait to get home. The artwork is lovely.
Pages from The Pirate of Kindergarten

And though Isabelle doesn’t see double the way Ginny does, I thought it was nice being able to read her a story about another little girl who sees differently.
Pages from The Pirate of Kindergarten

I especially love these pages with the phoropter and eye chart, items Isabelle is used to seeing at the doctor’s.
Pages from The Pirate of Kindergarten

This part, where Ginny starts to cry when she realizes she is different, just about made me cry.
Pages from The Pirate of Kindergarten

After reading the Pirate of Kindergarten, I thought I would make Isabelle her own little pirate patch. Something that looked less like a bandaid so, hopefully, she will get less questions and rude stares. Eye patch

Here’s my own little pirate of kindergarten.
My little pirate of kindergarten

Thank you George Ella Lyon for writing this for all of us who see the world different.

Delusional and Silly

Ok, so I know we’re going to try sleeping all together. We have a king size bed and I plan to have the baby on one side of me and Isabelle on the other. I’m not too worried she’ll roll onto him or kick him because she never rolls so violently that she rolls right over me onto the other side.

And maybe one of those side car thingies will work. I can just tuck the baby in there so we have more room. Or we’ll get Isabelle a proper bed and put it in our bedroom and see how she likes it. Who knows, she might surprise us and want to sleep in her own little bed.

Now a different question, is it totally silly that I want to make a mobile for the crib knowing that the baby is NEVER ever going to sleep in it?

This is Japanese craft book ISBN-10 4262152707 or ISBN-13 9784262152707. I got it when I found out I was pregnant.
ISBN 4262152707

I really like this one:
Mobile 5

And this one:
Mobile 8

Well actually I quite like all of them. Well, who says I need to hang it just above the crib, right? I can hang it any old place that makes me happy.

And onto real delusional stuff. I keep thinking about doing a daily comic again.
More delusions

I was going to draw Isabelle hanging off my arm but…well she distracted me. So yep. Totally delusional to do a daily comic again. Well a girl can dream.