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Dude You Broke It

Acck! I broke it! I broke it!!! I broke my blog!!!!!

And yes, instead of trying to figure out how to fix it, I sat down and drew about how I broke it…

***Edit*** I figured out what happened. My host provider sent me an email saying I needed to update from 5.2 php to 5.4. That meant absolutely nothing to me, a bunch of gobbledygook. I just went ahead and did what they told me to and POOF! My blog was gone. But as soon as I switched back to 5.2, my blog was magically back. I tried using a default theme that came with WordPress hoping that would fix it. But nope. No blog. :(

Well, today I did some Googling and found out that the plugin, instapress I think it was…I don’t know I have since deleted it, was causing a conflict. I removed it, updated to 5.4, and my blog stayed. YAY! You may have noticed it still looks different though. I sort of got used to the clean look of the theme so I’m keeping it. :)

And why, yes, that is a different header. As I’m sitting here freezing my tooshie off all bundled up in pants and socks and a sweater coat, I thought it was high time I got rid of that summer swimming header.


But first some happy pictures from Wednesday. We drove out to visit my niece Zinnia for her 4th birthday. The kids played. I got to see my mom, my dad, and my grandmother who I see too little of. We had yummy food and cake. We had fun.


The view on our walk


My grandmother and mom



And now the not so happy. I am……

…struggling with my blog. I’m sure you can tell if you look back and see the frequency of my posts. Heck just look at my banner. My Halloween banner in the middle of November. I know I have moments like this with my blog. I don’t have anything to say. I don’t feel creative. I think about not blogging anymore.

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s that time of month. Maybe…maybe…I don’t know. That’s where I am at right now.

Maybe I won’t blog on here anymore. 8.5 years is a pretty good run. I’ve met some great people through my blog but maybe it’s time to try something else. I’m just not feeling it lately.

I could just do the Facecrap thing, I mean Facebook, though I am thinking Facecrap. All my family is on Facebook. I’ve been trying to post pictures there more often. I could just do that.

I think I’ve been feeling this way with blogging in general. I do more skimming then reading. And my commenting has been sporadic. I’ve been unsubscribing left and right. If I’ve been subscribed to someone for months and nothing about them stands out then why am I subscribed to them? Sure they have pretty pictures. But a lot of blogs have pretty pictures. They all blend into one another. Crafty this or crafty that, some unimaginative name that sounds just like someone else’s and for that matter why is anyone still subscribed to me? Is anyone? Ok…this is depressing.

I’ll feel right as rain next week. I’m pretty sure about that.

Would You Miss Our Faces?

Isabelle at six years eleven months and Nathan at two years almost eleven months family picture

Isabelle at six years eleven months and Nathan at two years eleven months family picture

Here are our monthly family pictures. We took them pretty much on time. However, I didn’t put them up on the blog. I’ve been slacking in the photography department. I’ve been enjoying it as much as ever but I’ve been using my phone and instagram. A LOT. Well…a lot compared to a regular camera.

A lot of my posts lately have been drawings. I was quite enjoying a drawing spree there for a while. I was thinking about making changes to the blog, even debated on only posting drawings from now on. Also thinking about turning off my comments again. And then I entered the desert of blogging by going without a blog for what…a week and a half? Oops. We’ll see. I’m in another funk and stuff is going on and …. yeah.

Goodbye Pins, I Don’t Want to Be Sued

Goodbye Pinterest

It has been a month since I wrote my post, Rethinking Pinterest. I have been thinking about it. And I haven’t been pinning.

Yesterday, I read a post on Pinterest etiquette that set my teeth on edge. It was talking about copyright and proper attribution. But it completely ignored the elephant in the room. Even more annoying was a commenter who didn’t care about linking to original sources, saying if it wasn’t watermarked it wasn’t her responsibility. Really?!

So, today, I thought I’d share with you what all my thinking has come to. And my conclusion? What I felt a month ago has not changed, even with Pinterest’s new terms of service. I DO NOT want to pin things any more because unless I specifically ask for the photographer’s permission, I am infringing on their copyright. Simple as that. Because I like something, I’m going to do that person a disservice? No.

So you might be thinking, how wonderful Pinterest is and that person should be happy you liked them enough to pin them. Well, my reply, how do you know? Did you ask? That is the whole point of copyright. And plus, I really don’t like being sued. This photographer who is also a lawyer, Kirsten Kowalski, explains it much better than me.

And, so, I have deleted my boards. When I deleted them, it only reinforced my mindset in this matter. All my pins were gone from my account but if someone repinned something, it still showed up on Pinterest last night when I checked. And that sort of sickened me. That I gave Pinterest someone’s picture without their permission. Yes gave. Because me deleting it from my account didn’t delete it. Pinterest STILL has it.

But I have a solution. Will I still pin? Yes. But how? Pinterest has changed the way people blog. If I like something, and the blog has a pin it button, like I do on the bottom of this post, I know they are ok with pinning, so I will pin. But will I blindly go pinning from now on? No. If it isn’t written specifically somewhere that they are allowing pinning then I will not pin it.

So, I am restarting with Pinterest with this new set of guidelines for myself. It’s my happy medium.

Drawing Randomness

Just some randomness before the weekend.

What I wore today: March 6, 2012

A what I wore today in drawings from a few days ago. I sort of like the colors by themselves without my drawing lines. I wonder what a comic would look like if I drew it like this?

And a wee little leprechaun.

A little leprechaun on my arm

Well, actually he looks gigantic here. He’s the leprechaun on my arm in this month’s banner. I don’t know why I put in tiny unseen details. Like his coat with the little buttons and the way it looks like a coat and not just green. You can’t see that when he’s sooooo very tiny. But I still put those details in. Why? I don’t know.

When I was making up the banner this month, I was laughing to myself making up a story behind it. I imagined two leprechauns magically showing up. Me and Alan are naturally surprised. LEPRECHAUNS!!

We are speechless at the wonder. I’m so shocked I do not even move my arm. Nathan, sitting in my lap, doesn’t even notice. But always curious Isabelle sees and joyfully snatches one of them up. She gleefully runs off while the leprechaun yells, “AAaaaahhh she’s got me!”

Ahhhhh she's got me!

And…and…I am clearly weird.

Have a good weekend!