Hi! I’m Kuky of Kuky Ideas and this is my blog.
Day 4: Park day

I’m an artist stay at home mom. Wow, let me just say writing that word “artist” was so hard. It’s taken me years to be comfortable with my creativity. But yes that’s what I am. I create. I make. I am an artist. I have a Bachelor degree in Art but yes I had a hard time with the word artist.

This is my husband Alan. We’re high school sweethearts and have been married for eighteen years. Alan drives semi trucks and shoots people for fun.

Yes, you read that right. He shoots people. Did I get your attention? 🙂 He shoots paint. He’s a paintballer. Is that even a word? He hasn’t done any shooting in about ten months though.

In September 2005 our daughter Isabelle joined us.
Waving ribbons around
She is a mischievous little monkey.

Then in September 2009, Nathan joined us.
Beep beep boop
He is an up and coming mischievous monkey. And also the reason Alan hasn’t shot anyone in ten months.

I enjoy photography, drawing, knitting, and crocheting. My latest obsession is sewing. You’ll see all of that on here but mostly it’ll be about the family and my illustrations because, oh yeah, didn’t I already mention, I’m an artist? 😀 See, I’m embracing the word.

Last updated July 27, 2010

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  1. hello i miss your site love it sooooooo much thanx renee how do i got back on ? as if you have the time take care good years ahead for your kids an hubby an you n renee

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