New Family Member

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the newest member of our family, Hamilton. Hamilton, the dog.

Hello rash decision!

Maggie met the newest member of our family.
And they meet

They gave the customary doggy greetings.
The butt sniff

And now Hamilton mostly annoys Maggie. With tail biting. Ear biting. Foot biting. You get the picture. Not to mention climbing all over her. He’s an obnoxious little puppy. That’s what they do. They haven’t learned doggy manners yet. Yikes must go read up on how to help them get along…
Now mostly bothering Maggie

Though Maggie isn’t a fan of Hamilton, Isabelle is having a blast with him. She helps watch him and she loves playing with him. Find Hamilton!
Isabelle thinks Hamilton is great fun
(He’s the black furry thing under all the dog toys)

Isabelle thinks Hamilton is great fun

Isabelle's little buddy
Isabelle and Hamilton are fast friends. He’s her little buddy. 🙂 Welcome to the family Hamilton!