A Search for Trick or Treaters and a Ghost

This morning, I was searching for a pattern I used to crochet some dolls last year. I checked my blog first but I didn’t write about it. So, no luck there. I checked Flickr to see if I wrote where the pattern came from on my picture. But I didn’t write it there either. Poop. I also tried Google but without the exact pattern name I soon tired of wading thru the random links. The last resort: scrolling around on Facebook, I KNOW I had shared it there. And it was! It took me so long to find the pattern, I couldn’t remember WHY I wanted to find it in the first place. Ha! But I figured I’m not going through that again. I better write it down. So, here it is.

Trick or treaters and a ghost done for Halloween

Project Notes
Dress me up trick or treater pattern from CraftyisCOOL
Hipster ghost pattern from Crafteando, que es gerundio