Family Pictures

So…I missed posting the entire month of March. How did that happen?? Actually, I failed in the picture taking department as well. I misplaced my camera remote thingermabobber, the thing that takes pictures from a distance. So, in February, we only took one family picture, this family picture.

Isabelle at seven years five months and Nathan at three years five months family picture

It involved me setting the timer and running for it. It also involved me setting the camera on the floor since the little gosh I can’t remember the names of things tonight, the thing that screws into the bottom of my camera so I can put it on the tripod, was with the thingermabobber.

Well, then I found the bag that held the thingermabobber and the oh you know what I mean. Where did I find it? With my camera stuff!! I don’t know how my eyes kept sliding over the bag and not seeing it. But yep, I found my little camera gear bag with the camera gear. Duh. So, March pictures went off without a hitch, if you don’t count the lateness. We took Isabelle’s in a timely manner. But Nathan’s? We just took those yesterday, squeezing them in on the last day of March.

Isabelle at seven years six months and Nathan at three years almost six months family picture



Isabelle at seven years six months and Nathan at three years six months family picture

And now we are in April. Maybe a month off from blogging will get me back into the swing of things.