Christmas Grumps

So…this happened.
A not happy Nathan

The men in the household were grumpy.

Sliding lying down



Some sliding cheered everyone up.

Us at the Christmas tree lot

Isabelle chose a tree small enough to fit in front of her in the car again.

Our Christmas tree

Then we brought the little tree home and more grumps showed up when it was decorating time so I canceled Christmas. YEP. Tossed the Christmas tree outside and everything.

But then Mr. and Mrs. Grump made up and Christmas was on again. We pulled the tree back in and made him all pretty.

Decorating the tree

Putting the star on

Our tree

Sparkly ornament

Then yesterday we visited with Santa and played with “snow” to erase any memory of grumpiness.

Loving the "snow"

Tossing "snow"

Twirling around and around in the "snow"

2012 visit with Santa

Let’s hope no more grumps show up before Christmas.

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