Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

Graduated Kindergarten

Isabelle finished kindergarten and has started the first grade!

I have a first grader!

I thought it would be a nice memory for her to have graduation pictures, so I got a little graduation outfit for her. I wrapped up one of the little certificates of completion from Sonlight and she got her own little graduation photo shoot.

Isabelle thought it was awesome. She loved her certificate and kept putting on her gown and cap throughout the day. And she proudly told everyone she met about how she graduated. :)

Graduated kindergarten

Of course Batman wanted in on the pictures.

Batman wanted in on the graduation pictures

Batman in a diaper that is. :)

Batman in a diaper

And what is she doing with school this year? Well, we are trying something new. We aren’t doing Sonlight. I enjoyed a lot of things about Sonlight. I liked being able to open their binder and knowing exactly what we were doing for the day and the rest of the week. I liked having mostly everything on hand right then and there. I liked that we have all these books that I can use with Nathan when he’s old enough. And I liked that we were reading together.

But sometimes the reading was too much, even though I love books. You know, some days were hard trying to get things done. I know Sonlight lists one of the reasons not to buy Sonlight being, compelled to do everything their Instructor’s Guide mentions. But if I bought it, I had to use it all! It was easier when I let go. And if I were to use Sonlight for years, where would all the books go? I’d be overrun with homeschool books in no time flat, because you know I’d want to keep them all.

When this school year came up I decided not to get Sonlight because of the reasons above.

So, this year, we are going with the Head of the Class. I can’t remember how I came across them. But it’s free, so I figure if we don’t like it, we can always go with something else. How am I liking them? Their website is a little user UNfriendly for parents. When we started, I wasn’t quite sure how the day to day worked. Even now, to view the curriculum by day, I have to search for it, clicking around a dozen times to find the right place. And strangely,the e-Book layout isn’t sorted by day.

But, I know I felt that way about Sonlight, in the beginning, feeling unsure about what I was doing. But I got used to them and found it quite simple to teach from their curriculum. Let’s hope I feel that way about the Head of the Class because Isabelle really enjoys it.

This morning, before I even started breakfast, she asked for “SCHOOL! SCHOOL! SCHOOL! Can I do school while you make breakfast mama?” And so I let her. She logged on easily and started clicking away. Surprisingly, that’s one of the things I am not loving. I feel like she is interacting with the computer more than she is with me. I’m used to having our reading time together.

Well, we’ll see how it goes. It’s still new to us and I’m probably doing it wrong. But I digress. I didn’t mean for this post to become a review of Sonlight or a review of the Head of the Class.

I didn’t attend my high school graduation or university graduation so for someone who doesn’t celebrate graduations, I’m surprised at how seeing Isabelle in a graduation outfit really tugged at my heart. Look at my FIRST GRADER!