Last week Nathan turned 3! So, what did we do? LEGO STORE!!

Lego building

A different Lego store. One with the Hulk.

Lego hulk

And a giant dragon.

Giant Lego dragon

And Woody and Buzz and other awesomeness that I did not take pictures of.

Woody and Buzz in Lego!

As you can probably tell, we weren’t at home. (More on that on the next post, though a few of you already know where we were.)
Isabelle at seven years and Nathan at three years family picture

And that is why Nathan didn’t get any candles or a birthday cake on his birthday. He did get a cupcake though. Which he promptly licked all the frosting off of.
Eating his birthday cupcake

When we got home I made him a birthday cake. And he got his candles. My little guy is THREE!

3 year old Nathan

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