Warning: long post ahead. Or I should say picture heavy post ahead.

First stop, Cars Land!

Fuzzy cacti, like sweaters

Stuck here on Radiator Springs Racer

Stuck here on Radiator Springs Racer

Us and Summer

That’s right! We were at Disneyland! In my last post, when I mentioned that we were not at home, that’s what I was referring to. We went there to celebrate the kids’ birthdays.

Usually September is a nice time to visit. Most kids are in school and the weather isn’t insanely hot. However, this year the temperature was over 100°!! Maybe that’s why Cars Land was soooo empty during the day. Only crazy people were there, like people who wake up at 4 in the morning then drive seven hours and then still go into Disneyland to play for the day though it is hot as hell. Yep, crazy people like us.

But crazy is good. Because we got to see Wendy and Summer. Do you remember Wendy and Summer from Hawaii? Well, they were at Disneyland too! We met up with them and hung out in air conditioned Flo’s V8 Cafe talking. We could have talked for hours longer, I’m sure, but lack of sleep was catching up with us and we had to check in at our hotel. We left them with plans to see them a few days later. We caught one more ride, passed Adam Sandler on the walk out and headed for our hotel.

Us on the Jungle Cruise, also known as the only ride where we take a picture of all four of us together

Start of a treasure hunt!

Treasure map

Wee little pirate

Working the telescopes



Finale with Mickey

Us on Luigi's Flying Tires

Loved Sally's Cozy Cone Motel

My silly girl

My silly guy

The next couple of days were filled with Disney. We tried out a Disney tour for the kids. They loved almost all of it except for the part where we took pictures with Mickey. Isabelle was scared of him. We also celebrated Nathan’s birthday with Lego. You saw those pictures. And we hung out with Alan’s sister and her family. It was nice.

DC Comics Lobby

Us at DC Comics

Batman and Mini BatmanBatman and Mini Batman

Us at DC Comics

Summer, Isabelle, and Nathan

At one point all three kids were in here at once @radiationactorMe and Wendy

And then? AND THEN? On our last day, we got a tour of DC Comics. DC COMICS!! Wendy’s husband, Rey, works there so he gave us a tour. It was VERY COOL. Like WOW. I just wish I had better pictures. I didn’t bring my big flash and had the slow lens. Oh well. DC Comics was still awesome. Thank you Rey!

And was the fun over? Nope. We went over to Wendy’s. How awesome is that cardboard house that Rey made for Summer?!?! The kids played while me and Wendy chatted. We had so much fun! And then it was the long drive home.

Oh I forgot to tell you how Nathan handled the ride this time. He did great! Last time, I described the drive down as hell. This time, he only had a tiny crying jag on the way down and that’s it. A year sure made a difference.

Whoo…that WAS a long post. And that wasn’t even all the pictures from the trip.

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  1. I love love LOVE Wendey’s cardboard house. What detail! Shingles on the roof, perfectly cut out flowers, shutter window, look at that doorknob! Swoon!

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