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Would You Miss Our Faces?

Isabelle at six years eleven months and Nathan at two years almost eleven months family picture

Isabelle at six years eleven months and Nathan at two years eleven months family picture

Here are our monthly family pictures. We took them pretty much on time. However, I didn’t put them up on the blog. I’ve been slacking in the photography department. I’ve been enjoying it as much as ever but I’ve been using my phone and instagram. A LOT. Well…a lot compared to a regular camera.

A lot of my posts lately have been drawings. I was quite enjoying a drawing spree there for a while. I was thinking about making changes to the blog, even debated on only posting drawings from now on. Also thinking about turning off my comments again. And then I entered the desert of blogging by going without a blog for what…a week and a half? Oops. We’ll see. I’m in another funk and stuff is going on and …. yeah.

Surprising Isabelle

Skins (small version)
Are they Halloween costumes? No. Can you guess what they are?





Minecraft. Again. Isabelle wanted to dress her Minecraft pocket edition guy. But there wasn’t an option. So I googled it and figured out how to give us skins. Creepy name, skins. Of course Isabelle wanted to wear a pink princess dress.


On Wednesday, I instagramed (that’s not considered a word now is it) this picture with the caption 7!!!

7 year old Isabelle

That’s right. Isabelle turned 7! I think I was in a state of disbelief all day. That mixed with a little teary. Isabelle is such a big girl now. She doesn’t look babyish anymore. Not a bit. It made me sad, the days are slipping away from us so quickly.

We didn’t do a big party for her, just our little family. I even attempted a tissue paper pom pom. I only had 6 sheets though. And I needed 8. It’s looking a little sad. Isabelle thought it was a piñata when she walked into the room.

Attempt at a 6 sheeted tissue paper pom pom

The decorations were all girly when they should have been Lego-y. Why? Well, after playing Lego Batman and taking our family pictures, we went to the store.

Isabelle at seven years and Nathan at almost three years family pictureUs

The Lego store that is.


Wall of Lego holes

Nathan almost missed it. He fell asleep on the ride over.

Fell asleep on the car ride to the Lego store

You know what that means? Time to mess with him!!

Messing with the sleeping guy

Maybe that’s why he woke up soon after. Just kidding. I don’t think we bothered him a bit. In fact, he didn’t even wake when Isabelle accidentally bumped his head with a box in her rush to see something else. So glad he woke up. He got to play and ooh and aah at all things Lego. Then the kids got to bounce around and play games.

"Take a picture of us!"Bouncy

After that we headed home for some piñata smacking. We had an old one (from 5 years ago?!) laying around so that’s what we used.

Smacking time

Even Nathan got into the smacking.
Nathan getting his smacks in

And of course we couldn’t forget about cake. I think next year I will make one. The ones we get from the bakery are always too big.
7 year old Isabelle

And that was Isabelle’s birthday. She said, it was the best birthday ever.


Last week Nathan turned 3! So, what did we do? LEGO STORE!!

Lego building

A different Lego store. One with the Hulk.

Lego hulk

And a giant dragon.

Giant Lego dragon

And Woody and Buzz and other awesomeness that I did not take pictures of.

Woody and Buzz in Lego!

As you can probably tell, we weren’t at home. (More on that on the next post, though a few of you already know where we were.)
Isabelle at seven years and Nathan at three years family picture

And that is why Nathan didn’t get any candles or a birthday cake on his birthday. He did get a cupcake though. Which he promptly licked all the frosting off of.
Eating his birthday cupcake

When we got home I made him a birthday cake. And he got his candles. My little guy is THREE!

3 year old Nathan