Minecraft Happy

Minecraft happy dance
I didn’t plan this animated gif out very well. I should have colored it before the crappy animating part. But I didn’t. Then I couldn’t see coloring EVERYTHING freaking 15 times or however many frames I had for this. So that’s what I’m left with. But anyhoo…to the point of this post…

A week ago, when we got into Minecraft, I tried to get the online demo version to work. But it didn’t work. I’m on a hackintosh and the java part was wonky. I’d get a white screen. So, I registered and downloaded it but I was looking for a demo button. I couldn’t find one. It no worky!! Waaaahhh!

But then one day, I noticed the play offline button. And lo and behold, I CAN play Minecraft on the computer. HAPPY DANCE!! Ok I didn’t really do a happy dance. But I was very happy.

So, now I don’t understand. What are people buying? The website really needs to do a better job on explaining what you’re paying for. When you push the buy button it says you’re buying, “Premium status on your account to play Minecraft”. Uuuuh…what? What exactly is premium status? I mean I’m playing it now and I don’t have premium status. Does anyone know?

4 thoughts on “Minecraft Happy

  1. jerrett has premium status…i think it means that you’re able to play with other players. my dad and his wife have a server that they can play on with jerrett. i haven’t played if but i assume when you’re playing (without paying) you’re only playing by yourself?

  2. My brother plays. I’m fairly sure it’s so that you can set up your own server or join othes.(play with friends.)

  3. jerrett says that if you play the free version you only get to play 5 “in game” days

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