Cute Baby #37, Kid Yoga

Cute baby #37, Kid Yoga
I haven’t drawn in a while. I was trying a different brush size and everything is looking really small. So, definitely click on it to enlarge.

So…yeah. The drawing. My back has been hurting and usually stretching it out helps. But, I can’t remember when, a week or two ago, it was just bad. Walking hurt. Stretching didn’t help. I went to see the doctor who said I strained it. It’s gotten a lot better since then, only getting some pain when I wake up.

I’ve been trying to do yoga. And this is what happens when the kids join me. :)

2 thoughts on “Cute Baby #37, Kid Yoga

  1. I frequently get neck and shoulder pain. I mean, alot! I think from having a family bed is hard on the body. Also nursing at night whenever the baby or I stir doesn’t help either. Seems as if I have had a stiff neck for 8 years now.

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