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Cute Baby #37, Kid Yoga

Cute baby #37, Kid Yoga
I haven’t drawn in a while. I was trying a different brush size and everything is looking really small. So, definitely click on it to enlarge.

So…yeah. The drawing. My back has been hurting and usually stretching it out helps. But, I can’t remember when, a week or two ago, it was just bad. Walking hurt. Stretching didn’t help. I went to see the doctor who said I strained it. It’s gotten a lot better since then, only getting some pain when I wake up.

I’ve been trying to do yoga. And this is what happens when the kids join me. :)


Enjoying a new game?
Yeah…so can you figure out what we were doing?






Any thoughts?



Ok. Let me tell you.

On our weekend we went to visit my sister. We were looking at apps on my mom’s iPad and my nephew saw Minecraft pocket edition. So, we downloaded the lite version for him to try. Isabelle was enjoying it too, so we downloaded the lite version for us as well.

In Minecraft, if you don’t know, there are two different worlds, a survival world and a creative world. Isabelle’s been playing in the creative, building all sorts of things, statues and humongous buildings. She had so much fun we BOUGHT the full pocket edition. It worked on my iPhone as well so I could walk around with Isabelle in her Minecraft world as she was showing me what she’s made.

But then of course I wanted to try playing it. And I didn’t want to play in the creative world. I wanted to try the survival world. In the survival world you appear in the land with nothing and you have to build shelter before night falls because that is when ZOMBIES and MONSTERS come out. My inexperience, though, meant I didn’t know how to make anything. There are no directions in the game.

So, the drawing above is what happened. Me and the kids were huddled around the iPad screaming and playing. :) Yes. The pretend zombies scared us. And they are not even scary. I didn’t draw it like that but in the game everything is all blocky looking and the zombies are all blocky. We were totally immersed in it…obviously, what with the screaming in terror.

And now I really REALLY want the computer version of Minecraft. But Isabelle wants to play with me. And I can’t see paying $54 for the two of us to play when I spent $7 which enables me, Isabelle, and my nephew to play together.

So, anyone else play Minecraft?

Ten on Ten : August 2012

Ten on Ten: in the car

Ten on Ten: waiting for his sister

Ten on Ten: Lafayette crosses

Ten on Ten: on the Bay Bridge

Hello Sutro tower. You look so small in camera

Ten on Ten: swinging

Ten on Ten: at the playground

Baseball game traffic

Ten on Ten: Film on Film

By the pool

Ten on Ten: once a month, on the tenth, taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours.

I haven’t been playing along with Ten on Ten for a couple of months now. It’s been too hot and we’ve been waking up too late. The heat wasn’t too much of a problem. But couple that with our night owl hours…I find it discouraging to do Ten on Ten when most of my ten will be at night.

But I tried again this time around, using Polaroid film and a few from my iPhone. It wasn’t planned that way. I thought it would be fun to take it all on film. I was sort of successful. But I couldn’t quite manage to take that many photos. I got distracted hanging out at my sister’s. So, I used some of my instagram photos to fill in and also the last film picture was technically cheating, it was the next day. :)


Ok so we don’t really run around like mad bumping into each other and laughing like crazy. Well…we don’t in real life. But in Minecraft we DO. :)