Hawaii for Twenty Years, Part Two

Our room
I know it’s been ages since I wrote about Hawaii. But this post has been sitting half written and I didn’t want to just chuck it. So…back to Hawaii.

Before our trip, I had all these plans of places that we wanted to go. I wanted to go to the places that Wendy had mentioned like Pali Lookout, Diamond Hike, and Hanauma Bay. And I also had things down like snorkeling for Isabelle and finding sea turtles.

But in the end we mostly relaxed at the beach, which made it a lot easier since being close to the resort made nap time a breeze. Speaking of the resort, I didn’t tell you where we we stayed. We were at Aulani, a Disney hotel. It was beautiful and very kid friendly. There was so much to do there.

They had a kids club, called Aunty’s Beach House, adventures, classes, and tons of free activities, like movies out on the lawn and storytelling by the fire pit. We didn’t do it all, not even close.

But that is probably because Isabelle wanted to swim and swim and swim. That’s what we did the day after the Polynesian Cultural Center. We hung out at the resort on the beach. We spent all day there except for a nap in our room and then back down to the beach for the sunset.
Our room

Our room






Ko Olina beachUntitled


UntitledAulani at night


Ko Olina beach at night

On our fourth day there (oh my how did four days fly by so fast in Hawaii? It felt like we were barely there), Isabelle woke up earlier than Nathan so me and her checked out Aunty’s beach house. How it works is, family time is only in the morning and everyone is welcome. But then after family time is, check in time and you leave the kids there to play. They had games, crafts, a playground, and just so much for kids to do.

We had fun there for a bit then when Nathan woke up, him and Alan joined us. We hit the road and got malasadas from Leonard’s. You may remember these instagram pictures. They are from Aunty’s beach house and Leonard’s.

UntitledMalasadas from Leonard's

So, where did we go? The beach, of course. I got to cross something off my list, Hanauma Bay. We met Wendy and her adorable daughter, Summer, there. And we got to cross something off Isabelle’s list, snorkeling. While I had a great time chatting with Wendy, Isabelle and Alan hit the water and got to see fish!! I wish I had prescription snorkeling goggle things so I could see fish. Where does one even get something like that?
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, Hawaii's state fish, sculpture

Isabelle snorkeling

Some of the fish Isabelle saw


Us with Wendy and Summer
How cute is Summer wearing my sunhat?!

Hanauma Bay
We had a great day with them. I only wish they lived closer. Well, technically they did move closer since our trip to Hawaii but they aren’t anywhere close enough to hang out with. But anyhoo, how adorable is that picture of Summer and Nathan trying to hold hands on our long walk up from Hanauma Bay?

And sorry to say this but I am ending this post again. I think all the pictures make this post super long. I’ll talk about our last few days there in another post.