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Isabelle Saves the Day

I’m having a hard time with the last Hawaii post. I have all the pictures together but there are a couple of unedited videos I haven’t touched. Every single time I sit down to post it, I remember those videos, so posting does not happen.

So…I’ll talk about something else. Yesterday was my friend, Olinda’s, birthday. Last Tuesday, she came upon a picture of a crocheted unicorn and asked me to make it for her. The problem: we were going to visit her on Saturday and I don’t crochet that fast.

I crocheted and crocheted and my hand hurts, I hooked so much. But I couldn’t finish it on time. And all the time I was working on it, Isabelle was asking to make something for Olinda too. I let her help me stuff parts of the unicorn and choose the colors so she would feel included but that wasn’t enough. She REALLY wanted to make something.

I got her started but she was struggling on her own so I told her that I would help her when I was done with the unicorn. When we woke up Saturday I still had a body to crochet, the limbs to add, and all the finishing touches. It wasn’t going to be done before we left.

So, I helped Isabelle finish her gift. Days before I had told her to draw out what she wanted to sew.
Softie concept

Isabelle chose her own fabric and I showed her how to sew it up. It was a bit challenging since she was eye patching and her vision was reduced. On Saturday morning she had an arm and part of the body sewed. So, with a little help from me, we finished her softie.

Isabelle's softie

I think it looks great! I was thinking of embroidering the mouth on but we didn’t have time. Isabelle just drew it on.
Isabelle's softie next to the concept

Then she made a card, decorated a bag, and packaged the softie all up along with her original concept drawing.
Isabelle's softie, packaged up and ready for gifting

Isabelle totally saved the day. Without her present we would have visited Olinda empty handed. Well, not really empty handed. Pieced unicorn handed. I brought the unicorn bits and yarn along hoping to finish it while we were visiting.

And finish it I DID. The only hiccup was: I forgot to bring stuffing. The little unicorn was stuffed with cotton balls from Olinda. COTTON BALLS.

Hermione unicorn

Hermione unicorn

Hermione unicorn

Isabelle loves this unicorn. She wants me to make her one. I do not love this pattern. I found the attaching of the limbs an interesting technique but very fiddly. Maybe Isabelle will go for Ana Paula‘s unicorn. Now she writes a good pattern.

Project Notes
Pattern: Hermione the Unicorn by Dawn Toussaint
Yarn: Unknown wrapperless yarn
Stuffing: cottonballs!!