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Insta-Catch Up

I disappeared for 2 weeks. But if you saw my Instapress plugin in the sidebar, you would have seen what I’ve been up to lately. Like: July the 4th. We celebrated by bringing the kids to see fireworks. Nathan loved them. Isabelle said they were too loud.
Fireworks here we come Made it to the fireworks just in time

Then I went to Girls Camp to celebrate Brenda’s 40th birthday. I don’t think I can write anything to truly describe what an awesome experience that was. All I can say now about it is, it was very much like camp. I say that in the sense where you feel homesick but you also enjoy it so much and come away with these great memories that you will look back on fondly.
Ice cream truck at the farmer's market Happy birthday Brenda!
Little visitor to girls camp Girls camp breakfast
Untitled Crafty
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Dinner
Cake by candlelight Had a great couple of days with a group of wonderful woman laughing, talking, and eating but I am beyond happy to be home
The last picture there is with me and the kids after I came home. I wrote: Had a great couple of days with a group of wonderful woman (damn instagram can’t correct typos that’s supposed to be women) laughing, talking, and eating but I am beyond happy to be home. And I did have so much fun but it was sooooo hard for me. It was more than homesick. That was my first real time away from the kids.

Yes, Isabelle is almost 7 and that was my first time away. I know that sounds unusual. But the kids have never had a babysitter. They’ve never had grandparents watch them or any other relatives or our friends. It’s almost always been the two of us. (If you don’t count the time my friend, Olinda, watched Isabelle while we rode the Indiana Jones ride. And the longest hour and a half I have yet to talk about where Isabelle was watched by someone else in Hawaii.)

We had been trying to figure out what to do for Girls Camp for months and months. I knew Isabelle would be ok. It was Nathan I was worried about. He’s used to falling asleep next to me. So, we kicked around the idea of getting a motel close by. But we didn’t.

Then Alan tried putting Nathan down the night before Girls Camp. Nathan cried and cried. Then Alan told me to hide and told Nathan I wasn’t home. To which Nathan ran around the house crying and looking for me. After what felt like forever, he quieted down so I snuck into the bedroom. But he was still awake and when he saw me he was so happy, saying, “it’s mama! It’s mama! She’s HOME!!”, with the biggest smile on his little tear stained face.

So, you can imagine how hard it was for me to leave for Girls Camp. I almost called Brenda to say I changed my mind. But I didn’t. And you know, Nathan did fine. Alan set up a tent in the living room and they had their own little camp out. He went to sleep just fine and slept through the entire night. And then the next day Alan pampered the kids bringing them to a big bouncy house place.

It was a really good idea for me to go. I got to celebrate a sweet friend’s birthday. I made new friends. And, now, I know next time I have a chance to go away, the kids will be fine and I’ll have an awesome time.

After Girls Camp, Alan got a vacation week off. So we visited with my sister one day. The cousins all played together.
Untitled Cousins
Cousins Me and daddy
Sisters Goodbye San Francisco

And we also spent a day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Surrounded by trees Untitled
Untitled City building
We've seen a few of these on the beach. Are they salps? Knocked out

You know, basically hung out. And there, you’re all caught up with the past two weeks. Now if only I could catch up with everything else that easily. :)