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Isabelle at six years nine months and Nathan at two years almost nine months family picture



Isabelle at six years nine months and Nathan at two years nine months family picture
Here are our family pictures this month. In the above one, I wish you could see Isabelle’s eyes. But she had been to the ophthalmologist and had her eyes dilated.

So, what is the news on the eyes front? We’ve been patching everyday for 6 hours. We’ve been doing that for about a year. Her left eye has basically remained the same, fluctuating somewhere in the range of 20/200.

Now the ophthalmologist has upped the patching to ALL DAY except for an hour. This will be the last and longest session of patching. If this doesn’t work…that’s it for the patching. I don’t know what happens then. :(

It’s sad, when I put the patch on, in the morning, Isabelle gets all teary. She asks how long she has to wear it. She doesn’t like the idea of wearing it all day. Soon after she will forget about it. But still, starting the morning making her sad is a drag.

And hmmmm….two downer posts. I’m just a barrel full of fun lately…

3 thoughts on “Eye News

  1. Oh, that is tough. :( G is getting braces soon and I know it will be similar. And I guess I have to turn a key in his palate expander that will cause him pain. I’d rather not have that responsibility! I’m sure he isn’t going to like the head gear or any of it. Poor guy. :(

    I hope the patching works!

  2. Oh, this makes me sad. I really hope the patching works this time. I’ve just spent half an hour looking up on the internet what it all meant. I hope Isabelle gets used to it soon too! x

  3. a girlfriend of ours went through this recently with positive results. she’s no longer patching. her mom made sure to MAKE her use her eye when patching, like taking her to new places so she’ll look around, playing games with her, like making her focus far and close by pointing out things and asking questions about it…hope your little one gets better!

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