Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

Goodbye Pins, I Don’t Want to Be Sued

Goodbye Pinterest

It has been a month since I wrote my post, Rethinking Pinterest. I have been thinking about it. And I haven’t been pinning.

Yesterday, I read a post on Pinterest etiquette that set my teeth on edge. It was talking about copyright and proper attribution. But it completely ignored the elephant in the room. Even more annoying was a commenter who didn’t care about linking to original sources, saying if it wasn’t watermarked it wasn’t her responsibility. Really?!

So, today, I thought I’d share with you what all my thinking has come to. And my conclusion? What I felt a month ago has not changed, even with Pinterest’s new terms of service. I DO NOT want to pin things any more because unless I specifically ask for the photographer’s permission, I am infringing on their copyright. Simple as that. Because I like something, I’m going to do that person a disservice? No.

So you might be thinking, how wonderful Pinterest is and that person should be happy you liked them enough to pin them. Well, my reply, how do you know? Did you ask? That is the whole point of copyright. And plus, I really don’t like being sued. This photographer who is also a lawyer, Kirsten Kowalski, explains it much better than me.

And, so, I have deleted my boards. When I deleted them, it only reinforced my mindset in this matter. All my pins were gone from my account but if someone repinned something, it still showed up on Pinterest last night when I checked. And that sort of sickened me. That I gave Pinterest someone’s picture without their permission. Yes gave. Because me deleting it from my account didn’t delete it. Pinterest STILL has it.

But I have a solution. Will I still pin? Yes. But how? Pinterest has changed the way people blog. If I like something, and the blog has a pin it button, like I do on the bottom of this post, I know they are ok with pinning, so I will pin. But will I blindly go pinning from now on? No. If it isn’t written specifically somewhere that they are allowing pinning then I will not pin it.

So, I am restarting with Pinterest with this new set of guidelines for myself. It’s my happy medium.