Dangerous Peanut Butter Cups

It’s 4 in the morning, I’m sitting at my computer digitizing photos from a visit we just had with my sister, and I’m in the mood for some of these.
Homemade peanut butter cups

Homemade peanut butter cups styled by a two year old

Can I have some mama?

Homemade peanut butter cups!! They are dangerous yes they are. YES THEY ARE! THEY ARE TOO!!! Ok…it’s late and I’m blogging when I should be in bed so excuse the craziness I’m about to unleash on you. Here it goes. Turn away!! turn away!!

They are dangerous! They are like stealthy little ninjas who want to sneak into your mouth. (Need to be sleeping crazy talk here. Yes, I am acknowledging the insanity spewing from my fingers. So what. I think I do my best blogging when I need sleep. It makes for a more interesting read. 😉 I do believe that is the sleep deprivation talking) Super dangerous ninjas. So dangerous you really shouldn’t have them in your house. Nope. Because if they are there, they will sneak into your mouth. Aaaacck!

I was too smart for the butter cup ninjas (awwww isn’t that a cute nickname for ninjas) the first time I made them. I’ve made them three times now. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with the recipe but I keep coming up with extra peanut butter filling. So you know I had to use more chocolate and of course make more ninjas. Can’t let good peanut butter filling go to waste!! And oh my gawd there were so many of them. I like peanut butter cups but no one should eat them in the amounts that I had just made. So, that first time, I sent Alan off to work with the tricky little bastards. No sneaking into my mouth. No siree bob!

Nathan didn’t much care for my pluck to stand up to those ninjas. He was won over by their ninja ways. He was all, “ohhhh noooo and waaah daddy took all my ninjas!!” (ok he didn’t call them ninjas. He called them chocos or something.)

But they pulled this like jedi mind trick thing on me. The second time I made them, I tried to reduce the amount of filling so I wouldn’t be drowning in ninjas. But I STILL ended up with too much filling! So, of course, I made more ninjas.

But…but…wait for it…that was not the jedi mind trick part. The mind trick was, that second time, I didn’t send any of them away (say that in a horror story voice with maniacal laughter after).

Noooope!! They stayed in my fridge waiting to be all heeeya (do ninjas make that noise? Ummm maybe not because that’s not quiet and covert like but anyhoo) we’re IN YOUR MOUTH! (note here: they need to stay in the fridge because they get all melty since they are such sweethearts underneath their tough bad ass ninja selfs. Ok, not really, it’s untempered chocolate. :) To knock some backbone in them, or in not needing sleep talk, to stop them from being melty, temper them.

Those ninjas, they get in your blood man. Their siren call beckons and you NEED to invite them into your home. So, of course I made them again and hoarded them again. No sending my beloved ninjas to strangers.

See their powers!! I cannot escape. Fourth time here we come! Oh maybe you want some ninjas in your mouth too?

Yum yum yum!

My HAND! Aaaahhh wash me!





Kids are too fast


Tea with pot stickers



How was your weekend? We visited with my sister and her kids. We haven’t seen them in months. I thought we’d let the kids play together. I brought my Polaroid 360 and shot an entire pack of expired Polaroid 100 chocolate film. I have more than several packs of expired film in my fridge. I keep saying, I want to save them to take pictures of something special. But they’ve been sitting there for a while untouched. Last week I decided to use them in the everyday shots, that is what film is for, right? To be shot. It was so much fun waiting to see what would develop.

And how fun are the tape strips by puglypixel?

Goodbye Pins, I Don’t Want to Be Sued

Goodbye Pinterest

It has been a month since I wrote my post, Rethinking Pinterest. I have been thinking about it. And I haven’t been pinning.

Yesterday, I read a post on Pinterest etiquette that set my teeth on edge. It was talking about copyright and proper attribution. But it completely ignored the elephant in the room. Even more annoying was a commenter who didn’t care about linking to original sources, saying if it wasn’t watermarked it wasn’t her responsibility. Really?!

So, today, I thought I’d share with you what all my thinking has come to. And my conclusion? What I felt a month ago has not changed, even with Pinterest’s new terms of service. I DO NOT want to pin things any more because unless I specifically ask for the photographer’s permission, I am infringing on their copyright. Simple as that. Because I like something, I’m going to do that person a disservice? No.

So you might be thinking, how wonderful Pinterest is and that person should be happy you liked them enough to pin them. Well, my reply, how do you know? Did you ask? That is the whole point of copyright. And plus, I really don’t like being sued. This photographer who is also a lawyer, Kirsten Kowalski, explains it much better than me.

And, so, I have deleted my boards. When I deleted them, it only reinforced my mindset in this matter. All my pins were gone from my account but if someone repinned something, it still showed up on Pinterest last night when I checked. And that sort of sickened me. That I gave Pinterest someone’s picture without their permission. Yes gave. Because me deleting it from my account didn’t delete it. Pinterest STILL has it.

But I have a solution. Will I still pin? Yes. But how? Pinterest has changed the way people blog. If I like something, and the blog has a pin it button, like I do on the bottom of this post, I know they are ok with pinning, so I will pin. But will I blindly go pinning from now on? No. If it isn’t written specifically somewhere that they are allowing pinning then I will not pin it.

So, I am restarting with Pinterest with this new set of guidelines for myself. It’s my happy medium.


Nathan says, "Good morning. Good morning." Untitled

Good morning sunshine Time to get up Nathan

Hmmmmm... Sorry Mr. Dinner

Did you have a nice weekend? We’re a little off here. Alan’s changed his work schedule and he’s only seen the kids about two hours in the past two days. Or an hour? I don’t know. What is it honey? And Nathan hasn’t napped in two days trying to get him onto Alan’s schedule. It’s hard not having a break all day.

But anyhoo…Instagram came out for Android phones last week. I’ve played with it before on the iPad but who brings an iPad around to take pictures of everything, too cumbersome. So, I’m really glad it FINALLY came out for the Android system.

Or am I? I thought I’d use it more. But I haven’t been using it much. I cannot figure out how to easily access my photos when I’m not using my phone. Instagram doesn’t have a webpage to all your photos in one place. And if you know me, you know I like organizing my photos just so and I can’t, so that’s a real downer.

On the iPhone version you can upload your photos to Flickr but the Android version doesn’t have that option as an easy click. There are work arounds that involve plugging my phone into the computer or hoping the instagram photo shows up in my gallery folder on my phone to upload or tweeting my photo so I can get to the original page and then downloading it and and then uploading it to Flickr that way but I’d have to adjust the dates and times if I’m being super anal which I am and plus I totally broke up with twitter and and and ….it’s just extra work.

I think I’m being picky. I should be happy with the fact that I found a third party page where I can see all my photos. Maybe I should leave it at that and stop giving myself a headache with extra work. Yeah….