We Should Really Stop Throwing the Baby

I made a poncho cape for Nathan.

My little Batman

It took me two years to make. TWO YEARS?! Yep…sort of. I started this cape for Isabelle a little after this post. But something went wrong. It was too short because it turns out I didn’t buy enough fabric. I meant to go and buy some more to start over but I never did.

Then a few weeks ago Nathan wanted to put on his little cape, the cape that only goes with one particular shirt, the Batman shirt that was IN the dirty pile. So, I decided it was high time I made him his own cape. I went digging around in my stash and the only black fabric was this old unfinished cape. And it worked just right. It wasn’t too short for Nathan.

I still didn’t have enough fabric for the collar though. So, I dug out and cut up an old tank top. It’s not really my best sewing but it works. I never got around to putting on the Batman logo but Nathan loves it. Given a choice between his old velcro onto the shirt cape vs this poncho cape, he’ll choose the poncho.

Go Batman! Go!


Look at him fly.
Fly little guy
Oh wait. Batman doesn’t fly like Superman! I really wish I had remembered that before we started throwing Nathan around to get pictures.

It’s hard. He’s heavy. Trying to aim him for the mattress every time was tough. We might have missed a couple of times. But it’s ok. He has a hard head.

Just kidding. It was like when we “threw” Isabelle. It was photoshopped. You can rollover the pictures to see the originals. But seriously, I wish I had remembered that Batman doesn’t fly like Superman before I started photoshopping. Photoshopping takes time.

I only planned to do one flying picture, the second one. But, like usual, I wasn’t really planning ahead. I decided to take pictures on a whim. I didn’t use a tripod which would have helped. And of course Nathan would have a shirt with a logo on it that made it harder to photoshop. I worked up to a certain point then gave up and did the other picture. But when I was done I thought I’d go ahead and share both of them since I spent so much darn time on it.

Ok. Enough blathering. Have a super weekend! Super! Get it?! I’m a goober. 🙂

3 thoughts on “We Should Really Stop Throwing the Baby

  1. I love this happy, silly, fun post. I love how you photoshopped Nathan into a photo with Isabelle looking through the door.

  2. Ha ha! That happens all the time, people think Nathan’s a girl. Maybe it’s Isabelle’s old too large for him boots. I wanted to buy him a new pair that fit. I showed him a picture and the different colors. Can you guess what color he wanted? Pink.

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