Fresh Eggs

Showing the first egg to Nathan
Back in January my sister asked me if the banner that month, the lazy banner where I didn’t draw anything, the one with the egg, if that egg came from one of the chicks.

And the answer was YES! That was from one of our chicks! I was reading a blog where they had gotten chicks around the same time we got our chicks. And one day they posted pictures of their new eggs. I excitedly told Alan and wondered why our chicks weren’t laying eggs.

Well, we checked a few days after that and….EGGS! Or ahem, egg. Singular.
Isabelle showing off the first egg
But a weird thing. The chick who laid it, we don’t know which one, laid it on the ground. The ground and NOT the nesting box. Huh.

Regardless of where it was laid, the kids were quite ecstatic. I was quite ecstatic as well. I hurriedly rushed into the house to put the egg in this chicken bowl that I’ve had for years upon years. I got it long ago before the idea of raising chickens even entered my mind.
Chicken bowl

And then that night I took one of Isabelle’s toy plastic eggs and put it into the nesting box as an example of the proper place to lay and the chick got the hint.

And yes, yes, they are no longer chicks. But I still call them that.
The "chicks"

Now all four of them are laying. One of them even lays white eggs. White eggs ON THE GROUND. Which chick didn’t get the hint?!
A bowl full of fresh eggs

After taking those pictures of our first egg, I scrambled that egg up and we ate it. Well, mostly me. Because funnily, Alan was sort of grossed out by it all.

Yes, after months of raising our little chicks, he didn’t want to eat the egg that came from our “chicken’s butt” (his delicious description). He preferred to eat strange eggs that came from strange chickens’ butts (my description of store bought eggs). He got over that when our cache of fresh eggs overran the last bunch of store bought ones.

And now we have fresh eggs all the time. Chicks are awesome.

Drawing Randomness

Just some randomness before the weekend.

What I wore today: March 6, 2012

A what I wore today in drawings from a few days ago. I sort of like the colors by themselves without my drawing lines. I wonder what a comic would look like if I drew it like this?

And a wee little leprechaun.

A little leprechaun on my arm

Well, actually he looks gigantic here. He’s the leprechaun on my arm in this month’s banner. I don’t know why I put in tiny unseen details. Like his coat with the little buttons and the way it looks like a coat and not just green. You can’t see that when he’s sooooo very tiny. But I still put those details in. Why? I don’t know.

When I was making up the banner this month, I was laughing to myself making up a story behind it. I imagined two leprechauns magically showing up. Me and Alan are naturally surprised. LEPRECHAUNS!!

We are speechless at the wonder. I’m so shocked I do not even move my arm. Nathan, sitting in my lap, doesn’t even notice. But always curious Isabelle sees and joyfully snatches one of them up. She gleefully runs off while the leprechaun yells, “AAaaaahhh she’s got me!”

Ahhhhh she's got me!

And…and…I am clearly weird.

Have a good weekend!