A Bucket Hat for Isabelle

I finished Isabelle’s bucket hat last night. Yay!! And I didn’t need to buy any fabric for it, everything is from my stash. Double YAY!
Bucket Hat

Did you know this pattern is for a reversible bucket hat? REVERSIBLE!!
Bucket Hat
I wasn’t sure about this contrasting thread when I sewed the first line but I figured if I hated it, Isabelle didn’t need to wear it with this side out. But I think it looks great.

It is a big hit. BIG.
A hit...with Nathan
With Nathan that is. I took this last night on my cell phone to send to Alan. As soon as I was done sewing it, he put it on, and wore it for a good long time.

In fact, this afternoon, as I was trying to take pictures of it, Nathan tried to grab it.
Bucket Hat yoink

And how does Isabelle like it?
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

Miss Posey Pose a Lot likes it ok.
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

She went all crazy with the posing with it.
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

As you can tell.
Miss Posey Pose A Lot

This one is my favorite.
Posing like an Asian
Where she’s posing like an Asian. Bwa ha ha! I asked her where she learned that from because Alan and I DEFINITELY do not do this. She said she learned it from a book. 😀

Isabelle likes it but isn’t ecstatic about it. She said, “thanks for making me a hat mama!” then tossed it aside. Nathan definitely had it on longer than she did. Guess I should make my little guy one too.

Project Notes
Pattern: Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

If you decide to make this, go check out Jessica’s directions on how to make these without handsewing. It is awesome. That’s the way I made it.

The only other change I made from the pattern is, I opted to use cotton flannel instead of interfacing. I was worried it wouldn’t be stiff enough but it came out nice.

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