Daily Archives: August 4, 2011

More Pictures from the Weekend

Rushing. Nathan is crying in the other room. Alan is trying to put him down. Again. And I have not had my shower yet again.

My friend Olinda came out to celebrate her birthday with us.
Crazy hair

We watched a movie and then went to the park.
Rolling around on the ground

Isabelle took this picture.
Picture by Isabelle

Have I mentioned lately how much she has been enjoying photography. Like her mama. I’ve really fallen in love with instant photography. I took this with a Polaroid camera. And I’m getting a new, well old from Ebay new to me, Poloraid camera in the mail.


Ok. What was I saying? After the park we went back home to make salt and pepper pork for dinner (I will have to share the recipe one of these days, it’s yummy) and carrot cupcakes!

Carrot cupcake

Absolute joy at the prospect of having cupcake

Getting a bite of cupcake
Mmmm yum!! Cupcake. Ok. Off to shower and soothe my little boy.