Daily Archives: July 25, 2011


Pictures from this weekend.
So happy to be at Waterworld

Now that Isabelle is comfortable in the water, well more than comfortable, we thought it’d be fun to bring her to a water park.

Her favorite “ride” is the lazy river. That’s my favorite too.
Gloob bloob bloob

I would have liked to ride some of the faster “rides” but I didn’t want to go alone. Isabelle is too small, she has a couple of inches to go. And Nathan is definitely too small. So, we basically stuck with the lazy river and the kid stuff.
Tromping around on his own

To my friends reading this, you guys have to come with us next time so I have a partner to ride with!!
All ready to leave

And now a video with a whole bunch of dunking:

Video on Flickr