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Boxes are Fun

Tonight I am going through some older photos. I have everything backed up safely on two hard drives but I’m doing my online backup now. I’m about two months behind, not too shabby.

I came across these. They crack me up.
Boxes are fun

Isabelle wanted to be a robot. She asked me to cut out this slit. And then she proceeded to wear her robot box head for quite a while.
Boxes are fun

I took those photos almost two months ago and she is STILL playing with it!

The 4th

How was your fourth? I started the day thinking that I’d share a recipe. But then we noticed Isabelle had a fever. I thought she felt warm next to me the night before. She spent the day complaining she was cold and laying in bed. So, we were fully expecting to spend the rest of the day at home.

But then around 9pm while Alan was watering the plants (to cool them off from the heat) Isabelle heard fireworks going off. She wanted to see them. And at this point she was up and in the backyard.

So we hopped into the car and on the drive down I checked the times. According to the website it looked like the fireworks had already started and there was a good chance we would miss them. But we kept driving and luckily we caught the tail end.
Not the best view
We didn’t have the best view. Everywhere was crowded. There were trees in the way but we could see the fireworks.

Nathan's first time watching fireworks
It was Nathan’s first time. He was quite fascinated. And yes he’s just in a diaper. We were in a rush as we left and didn’t even bother grabbing his shoes. So yep that was our fourth. And today Isabelle is still not feeling well. :(


I sat down to write a new post and edit some photos but I’m too tired. I woke up early this morning. Super early. Before 8 a.m. early which is really early for me but I guess normal for most people. I came on to share that Isabelle is doing better though her appetite isn’t normal yet. And because I don’t want a pictureless post, here:
Scariest Chucky Cheese EVER
A couple of weekends ago we had a dentist appointment. And afterward we went to get some oil for my car. Right near the car store was a Chucky Cheese. Isabelle saw it and wanted to go. We were hungry and not close to home and couldn’t decide what else to eat so we said yes. Did you read the sign?
No firearms allowed
The scariest Chucky Cheese EVER.

Yet we still went in.
And we still went in!
We didn’t stay long. It was scary. What kind of crazy did we walk into where people need to be told not to bring their weapons to a kiddie gathering?

Just One of Those Days

After Isabelle got better, Nathan got a fever. He was all drooly and unhappy. He was pointing at his mouth saying, “hurt”. At first we were thinking, he couldn’t possibly be teething could he? But then it dawned on me he had a sore throat, just like Isabelle.

Well, last night, I didn’t sleep very well. Nathan was grumpy and scratching himself all night, asking for lotion in his sleep. So, this morning, I woke up grumpy.

All morning Isabelle wasn’t listening. Nathan was being clingy. My computer wouldn’t turn on. And other personal stuff I don’t want to talk about. I was not happy. After telling Isabelle something for the gazillionth time and having her not listen to me again, I snapped at her to go to her room.

Then in a tizzy I went cleaning off our messy computer table and came across some of Isabelle’s drawings that I had set aside to keep. I can’t remember when she drew them but in my anger they still put a smile on my face.
Drawn by IsabelleDrawn by IsabelleDrawn by Isabelle
Drawn by IsabelleDrawn by IsabelleDrawn by Isabelle
Drawn by Isabelle

I didn’t write any dates on the drawings, which I should have but I’ve scanned them in as a good way to keep them. These are my favorites.
Drawn by Isabelle
“Club Penguin”

Drawn by Isabelle
“Hungry fish. I’m going to eat someone for dessert”

Drawn by Isabelle
“Measuring a piggy”

When Alan got up he found me not happy and Isabelle crying in her room. He gave me a hug and made us lunch. I felt better and Isabelle felt better.
It was just one of those days.