Round and Round

Nathan threw up twice last night. And once today. :( My poor little guy. At least I didn’t go through as many clothes. I just got thrown up on once. More what I wore today drawings:
What I wore today: June 25
I started the morning in my black and white nightgown. Then we went out and I had to wear real clothes. Boo. Then we got home and I changed back into my nightgown. Hey, makes breastfeeding easier. Then I got vomited on so I changed into my purple nightgown.

And totally random old video just because.

Video on Flickr

Can you guess where we were? And I said old video. Spinning him round and round wasn’t why he threw up.

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  1. Yeah like a few hours after your last email is when he threw up. So it wasn’t really night when he threw up. More like freaking morning almost. Oh and like that you added a picture to your gravatar. :-D

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