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Tangerine Soap Winner

It’s been a stressful bloody week. But I thought I should pop on and have Isabelle pick a winner for the tangerine soap. And that winner is:
Winner is Ali
Ali, email your address to me at and we’ll send your tangerine soap to you. :)

Nine Nosebleeds This Week

Yesterday, I mentioned we’ve had a stressful bloody week. And when I say bloody I mean bloody as in full of blood, not as a slang word. But before I get into that, let me share some silly pictures.

Ok, that one wasn’t silly, just in your face.

How about this?
Silly face

And these?
Silly face Silly face

Silly face Silly face

Yeah…so those were taken at the doctor’s office on Monday. Isabelle has been having nosebleeds. Nine so far this week starting Sunday. And last week she may have had a couple, I cannot remember. She has them occasionally so I don’t really mark them. That is until now.

On Sunday she had three nosebleeds, the last one bloodier and lasting longer than usual. That’s when we made the appointment
A visit with the doctor

The doctor checked her nose. It looked a little raw inside. And it actually started bleeding in the office. Isabelle had some blood tests taken. And the results? Some of Isabelle’s numbers were a little lower than normal, slightly. It didn’t concern the doctor.

But what’s wrong with our girl? It may be allergies. This year her eyes have been itchy and she’s been sniffly. With the AC on the air is dry and it’s all affecting her nose. She’s had a bloody nose every single day this week. EVERY DAY.

At the park. At the mall (yee gads I was at the mall this week, voluntarily). At the home improvement store. At home. When she’s sleeping.
Nose bleed number 6 this week

Blood. Blood. Blood. We’ve been putting vaseline in her nose multiple times a day. We’ve had our humidifier (which works sporadically) running. But today, two nosebleeds. So, this afternoon we spent a small chunk of time and change buying an air purifier, a new working humidifier, and saline nose spray. Let’s hope the nosebleeds stop. Really really hope so. Every sniffle last night woke me and I’m sooooooooo sleepy. There is a very good chance I’m going to bed as soon as it gets dark tonight.

So. Yeah. Wish us no more nosebleeds and a good night’s sleep without waking to blood.

Little Crocheted Elephant

Isabelle’s nosebleeds aren’t all crazy anymore. That first day after we got the air purifier and humidifier, no blood. NO BLOOD!! And she’s only had two since then, quite an improvement over the nine nosebleeds last week.

But allergies are kicking my butt. My eyes are all itchy even with the air purifier and I don’t know if that’s why I’ve been feeling a little run down. In fact, today I took a nap with Nathan. A nap when he doesn’t usually have a nap. That is of course why he is WIDE AWAKE now. And he’ll be up late too. Sigh.

Oh well. Never mind that. Look at this instead. Something new!
Isabelle and her little elephant
OOohhhh! A little crocheted elephant.

Isabelle originally wanted a little boy elephant, a bright blue one. But partway through crocheting it, she requested the elephant with the skirt instead.
Crocheted elephant

Nathan likes her long nose.
Oooh look at her nose

Poke, poke, poke.
Poke poke poke

Project Notes
Pattern: Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet
Yarn: Red Heart Ltd. Super Saver
Needle size: Size G hook/4.5mm (thanks Bethany! I was able to crochet part of this in the dark with the light up crochet hook you sent!)