Daily Archives: April 14, 2011

Marshmallows!! From SCRATCH!

Springy fluffy marshmallows
The other day, out of the blue, Isabelle asked for marshmallows. And since we don’t regularly eat marshmallows, we didn’t have any fresh ones. I may have an opened bag that’s old and as a consequence has a weird texture. Do marshmallows go bad? When they’re all weird and stale is that not a good idea to eat them? I should just toss them. But never mind that. Let’s just pretend I don’t have old creepy store bought marshmallows in my cupboard.

So, anyhoo, Isabelle asked for marshmallows and I lied and said we didn’t have any marshmallows in the cupboard (because they are creepy and old). I said, “Let’s MAKE some!!!!” And so we did! We made marshmallows. Real marshmallows from scratch!

Happily we had all the ingredients in my cupboard. It really pops my little happy we’re going to bake something mood balloon when we are missing an ingredient and I need to go to the store. That usually means the sudden urge to bake disappears. But not this time. We had everything we needed!

We used this Smitten Kitchen recipe. Halfway through, when we needed a separate bowl with clean beaters, I sat there trying to figure out if I could switch over to this Alton Brown recipe. Why? Because I was fazed by needing clean beaters. :) I only have one bowl for my mixer and I didn’t know how clean the beaters needed to be. I debated on transferring my sugar mixture to a different bowl and washing everything. But somewhere in my foggy memory I recall that I need to have them super clean or else they won’t whip up.

So, what did I do? I ended up mixing my meringue powder by hand with a good old non-motorized whisk. It wasn’t fast but it worked. And how did the marshmallows turn out? They were yummy…the next day. Yep, the next day because we put them in the fridge and forgot about them!

When I remembered them I cut them up (not very neatly by the way, why can’t I cut straight, should have used a ruler or something, and that’s why the marshmallows are different sizes) and dipped them in chocolate to surprise Isabelle.
Marshmallows dipped in chocolate
She said, “you’re the best mommy ever!”

When I saw all the marshmallows it made, I thought a lot of them would end up being chucked because I don’t really care for marshmallows. But these are much better than store bought marshmallows. Maybe it’s just store bought marshmallows I don’t like. These were springy and fluffy just like Smitten Kitchen said. And I could gobble them up and did.

Everyone likes them.
Nathan eating his BIG marshmallow
In fact, Isabelle was helping herself to them when I wasn’t looking! Mmmmm….I think I’ll stop typing now and help myself to a couple right now.