Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

Big Girl, Big Bed

Exactly a month ago (and I know this because of twitter), we got a twin bed for Isabelle to sleep in. Wait for it…


She was quite excited. We let her choose her own sheets, pink of course. We got her some wall stickers. We got her a special little mushroom night light. And she actually went to sleep in it! Unlike her first move from our bed to her toddler bed.

A big girl's bed for Isabelle

And yes getting her to sleep involved me laying down next to her until she fell asleep. Then I crept away and went to my bed to co-sleep with Nathan. And, yes, Alan did spend the night on the floor in her room. We just wanted to be sure she’d be ok and didn’t wake through the night wanting us.

As I said, she did sleep through the night just fine. However she woke up in the morning a little sad and on the verge of crying looking for me. Oh yeah…woke up at freaking 7 a.m., which she NEVER or rarely ever does.

So, yep. Slept on her own. Is that the end of the story? Nope. More for another time.