I made a new banner. And now I’m tired and incoherent. I don’t feel like writing much so here are some pictures taken a couple of weekends ago when my sister came out.
Start of granny squares
I have not touched these bits in a while. Nathan has hidden my hook.


Silly cousins
Oh my! The end.

Lovely Analog Week Four

I’ve been bringing the Instax camera with us on our homeschool meetup days. Last week we were at a park.

Isabelle took this picture of herself with one of her friends.
Instax by Isabelle

I tried to time my photo on the upswing so I could get Nathan swinging and Isabelle in the background playing with her friend.
Instax by me
But oops. My timing was off. I only got their legs back there. :)

An Eyepatch for Isabelle

For a few months now Isabelle has been wearing bandaid eyepatches. We misplaced her pirate one and I’ve been meaning to make a new one but hadn’t gotten around to it. The box of patches we have is running low so I thought it was a perfect time to get going on the eyepatch.

I used this eyepatch tutorial for occlusion therapy by LucyKate Crafts. Isabelle chose the colors. It’s made of felt. Even the button! Well, I think the button is felt. I can’t remember what it said on the packaging. All I know is that it’s soft and not hard like regular buttons.

It’s nice not to use bandaid type patches.

Why didn’t I make one sooner?