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Firsts on a Monday

February has been on of those months, where it’s go, go, go. Yay for March! A new hopefully less busy month.
First dentist appointment
We ended February or started this week with a dentist appointment for Nathan. His first dentist appointment. The dentist repeated, “try not to nurse at night”. I didn’t feel like arguing with him. I just nodded my head.

He did recommend that if I am going to continue nursing him to brush his teeth afterwards in his sleep. And I will try. Maybe then I will have more luck brushing them since Nathan absolutely hates it.

The dentist had tips to help. Like if the two of us are home we can hold him down and jam a toothbrush in his mouth to keep his mouth open while we brush with another toothbrush. Or if it’s just one of us, to put him in a headlock to brush his teeth. I wasn’t going to write that. I wanted to leave that out. It sounds so harsh. But Alan said “why?” Gotta have clean baby teeth right?

But did the excitement of the day end there? Nope. We also brought Isabelle to a swimming class.
First day of swimming class
We were originally going to have my friend’s daughter teach Isabelle. But we never got together, she’s a busy teenager. So, when one of the homeschool moms recommended a place, we thought we’d check it out.

Hanging out
It’s an indoor pool. Heated pool. No slathering on sunblock. Nice! So, checking it out became signing her up for a month trial.

Getting her flippers put on
And Isabelle was sooooooooo excited. She practically ran into the building on the day of her class. More like ran in, almost frantically grappling for the door handle with another woman in her haste.

Missing his big sister
She’s starting with how to dip her head under water, float on her back, and kicking and maneuvering with flippers.

She had so much fun. Right now just out of the blue, she said to Alan, “I love my swimming class!!”

Batman Brain

Last March I had this as my banner.
March 2010 banner

And coincidentally enough I have little Batmans in my March banner this year. But I have a good reason. I have Batman brain.

Ok, that makes no sense. Let me start over. On Saturday we were at Target for a Dr. Seuss story time. As Alan sat with the kids listening I wandered around looking for clothes for Nathan. He seems to be outgrowing his clothes. (Or I need to fold more laundry since I cannot seem to ever find anything that fits)

As I was scouring the aisles trying to find something larger than 12 months old for boys (for some reason they have tons of girl clothes) I came upon a little Batman outfit on sale for $4, $12 off the original price. Whoo hoo! I love a deal.
My little super hero

So, I snapped that up but then it wasn’t such a bargain when I bought one for Isabelle too, not on sale. Oh well. She loves it.
My little super hero

And the reason probably has to do with the removable velcro capes that are attached to the back.

She wore it on Sunday and Monday. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for it every day since. So, then of course I had Batman shirts on the brain and that’s why my banner came out the way it did. Batman brain.
Riding by himself. For real

And on a completely different subject, look how big Nathan has gotten. Below is the same motorcycle at the park a little over a year ago.
Nathan "driving" a motorcycle with Isabelle in the side car

And back to Batman. We should have gotten a Robin one instead for Nathan. Then they’d be running around, my little Batman and Robin. But the Batman was on sale for $4!! I couldn’t say no to that. Batmans everywhere! Alan should have gotten one too. I think we’ll have to look for one for him.

Robot Softie

I was looking through some old pictures this weekend and came upon this.
Robot softie

I realized I never shared it. It was taken back in August last year, right after we went to the Renegade Craft Faire. Isabelle saw a cute little robot there but we didn’t buy it for her. So, I tried to recreate one like it when we got home.
I love my robot

I let her choose the fabric and the buttons. It’s not as cute but it’s made with love.
A heart for a robot
And he’s special because I made a little heart to stick inside him.

He's so smooshy
I miss crafting. I cannot seem to find the time lately. I didn’t even finish the umbilical hat I started on Friday. It should have only taken me a day. Sigh.