Daily Archives: October 13, 2010

A Better Day

Last night, I stayed up late reading the first section of the instructor’s guide, basically the part that tells you how to use the curriculum. And you know what? I had already read it before! When I read it the first time, Nathan was underfoot and everything I read must have slipped out of my head. So, when I reread it last night, it all came rushing back.

So, today it made sense. Yesterday, I was supposed to read the sections of the books aloud and then have a discussion with the kids. Or a short Q and A. Not sit there dumbfounded scrounging the pages wondering what I was supposed to be doing. Duh!

It went nice and smoothly. But of course maybe it helped that Ebow wasn’t paying attention and my sister said she would hang up so we could just go it alone. We were done with what was scheduled so quickly that we just went on with whatever interested Isabelle.
Reading whatever catches her interest

Playing with pattern blocks