The Kids’ Pirate Party

It’s been a week since the kids’ birthday party. Maybe I should write about it, huh? :D Ok, writing.
Us with our balloon flower and mouseBridgette, Marie, and Terri
UsOlindaGrumpy Nathan
Veronica and DennisTrying to light candlesMe and Alice
UsChubby legs
Kevin, Stephanie, Kyle, and KaedynMy mom and NathanSleeping boys

The party was on Sunday, international talk like a pirate day. I kid you not. I found out that it was talk like a pirate day after I had made up the invitations. What a perfect coincidence huh? Well, anyhoo, I had originally planned on making simple felt pirate hats, a little craft, and pirate lollipops for the favor bag for the kids.

Alan pointed out my crazy and we bought pirate hats instead. Yay for dollar stores. And boo because I totally bought something probably made by some underpaid person in some third world country. I did end up sewing twenty favor drawstring bags though. Whoo I would be pissed if I got paid less than $1 for all that sewing I did. Oh wait, I did it for free. But that was for me. What if someone said hey this is your job and I’m paying you next to nothing. Ok, I’ve just gone off on some weird tangent about cheap labor and must STOP.

What's with that look
What was I talking about before I went cuckoo there? Pirate party. I wanted something really special this year since last year was sad. So we hired a pirate! Pirate Acorn. And we got a jumper!

The jumper was a last minute impulsive thing. On Saturday, the day before the party, we went to check out the park, to see how busy it was. I went up to some man who was at the tables we wanted to see how early he had to arrive to get the tables. And he happened to have a jumper so I asked where he got that too. And the people setting it up happened to be right there so they gave me a business card and next thing you know we were getting a jumper. For a really great price too.
Happy with her face painting

And what a good idea a jumper for a party is. I know we were at a park. And there was a swimming pool at the park. But a jumper. Nothing really beats a jumper. The kids love it so much. And Isabelle was beyond excited over the jumper. When we arrived at the park she must have asked where the jumper was like every five minutes.


So, the night before the party we were cooking and marinading and baking. Alan marinated loads of ribs and chicken. I baked carrot cupcakes and did a lot of chopping for a couple of salads. Then right before bed I put a to do list into my phone.

On the day of the party, Alan woke up early and went to stake our claim at the park. He was there before 8 a.m! He went to start barbecuing and set up canopies because we were sure it was going to rain. Happily that fear was not realized and the canopies were for us fairer folk, like Alice, to hide from the sun. Ok, how cool is it that Alice made it to the kids’ party. Back to what I was saying, I get sidetracked so easily, I woke up around nine and made frosting for the cupcakes then headed to the park with the kids. I completely forgot to look at my phone to do list.

The two things on the list were to bring the cupcakes and the items (paper, pen, tape) to make a treasure hunt. I thought as each kid showed up they could go do a treasure hunt and end up with their favor bag. Then when pirate Acorn arrived they would all be sitting nicely in their pirate hats for pictures. But oops. I forgot.

But my friend, Bridgette, came to the rescue. When she arrived at the party she brought paper, pen, and tape. But it was a little late. Most of the kids were already off watching pirate Acorn doing magic. And I was so distracted I couldn’t draw treasure hunt pictures.

My friend, Veronica, rescued me that time. I explained the treasure hunt idea out and she drew all the pictures so as soon as the kids were done getting their face painting they went on a treasure hunt.

Part of our treasure hunt

Sadly I did not take a single picture of the kids’ loot. Luckily my friend, Tee Jay, took pictures for me. And hers is the only picture I have with a kid wearing their pirate gear. :(

So, after the last kid was done getting their face painted and pirate Acorn left, who by the way was AWESOME (she was so wonderful. More than one person commented on how great she was with the kids), we had cake.


We got our cake from Alpine Bakery. They did a wonderful job as usual. We’ve gotten our cakes from them every year.

Pirate girl
And that was basically the party. Food and fun and friends until it got dark.

If you want to be bombarded with more pictures, the entire set is here, all 119 of them, a crazy amount. I originally had most of them, except 45, set to private but Alan said I should public them all.

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  1. Oooooooooooooh, that was sooooooooooooo superly duperly fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s do it again tomorrow.

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